Feb 2, 2007

All Nighter

8:30 PM - 4:44 AM

Hadarya slept so well, despite the massive diaper episode (see previous post) and slightly interrupted sleep pattern. At the point that she let us know she was up she had managed to wiggle herself from the bottom of the crib to the middle side and was bumping her head into the bumper. She is trying so hard to roll over that when she gets into that position she arches her back and tries to move onto her side. This causes frustration.

We gave her the pacifier and she settled down... for 10 mins. Then we tried it again and she settled down... for 10 mins. At this point (5:10 AM) we brought her into our warm bed and she fell right asleep snuggled against her Aba. Ima had to get up in less than an hour, so Aba got the joy of her sweet, warm body. This time she slept until 6:45 AM and awoke happy and smiley.

The best part of all, is that we not only got a great night's sleep but she did not need a bottle in the middle of the night. We will see how the weekend goes, but I think we've moved into the sleep all night category! WOOHOO!

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