Feb 22, 2007

Gonna be a Flyer

Hadarya took her first plane ride on February 9, 2007--4 months 1 day old. We traveled to Northern California to visit her Great Aunt and Uncle and her cousins who came in from Chico and Sacramento to visit. It was a glorious trip!

We decided to leave on Saturday morning so we'd have at least one good night's sleep at home and she could fly close to her bottle and AM nap time. Our daughter had been sleeping through the night for about 10 days at this time, so we were hopeful that a flight wouldn't change things.

She is so alert and curious that she bypassed her usual 8:20 AM nap in favor of looking at the great things in the SD airport. We boarded the plane as pre-boarding passengers; which really means the head of the line! I was surprised to see the whole line of people right behind us as we struggled to get into the seats with all our stuff.

We were very lucky because there were extra seats on the plane and Hadarya got one to herself! She promptly fell asleep before I even buckled her into her car seat and slept the entire way.

We had a glorious weekend with all her cousins and Great Aunt and Uncle. Everyone delighted in her smiles and holding her and feeding her. Aunt Judy was thrilled to hold her and laugh with her and Uncle Ron was tickled to feed her. Cousin Eddie drove in from Sacramento and got the best deep belly laughs from our girl. Cousin Wendy and her girls, Cassidy and Callie drove in from Chico and stayed through Monday.

We all had fun hanging out, going to the mall, and taking lots of photos. Being together with our children, creating memories to last us a while helps ease any pain at living so far away. We can't wait to see them this summer!

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