Feb 6, 2007

No Babyland Blues

It's amazing that just over a week ago I thought the world was crashing down on me and I couldn't handle all the intense pressure I was putting on myself to BE to everyone and do whatever needed to be done well.

My daughter sleeps through the night. 5 nights in a row with last night not waking up once!
My daughter cuddled with me after her bottle and flashed her gummy grin often.
My daughter held onto the sides of her bathtub and steadied herself into a sitting position.
I made a delicious dinner that we actually ate together uninterrupted.
I pulled out clothes for our trip this weekend to SF.
My house is picked up and within my living standards.
I returned 4 phone calls and held long conversations.
I followed up with 2 business parties I booked for this month.

and it's only 8:30 PM. Wow, I might actually have time to read my book!!!

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