Oct 28, 2007

A Week of Firsts

This forced vacation from work due to the horrific fires in our county gave us a great opportunity to spend a lot of quality time as a family and our immediate family. Through the haze came many wonderful moments and lots of firsts in our house.

Hadarya really took off on eating this week. She LOVES red and orange bell peppers. She tested tomato (probably because it looks like peppers!). She ate tater tots and a grilled cheese sandwich (thanks Jen and Scott). She chomped on broccoli stalks, both the tree part (which got stuck between her two bottom teeth and the stalk. She gobbled up meatball. She also tried her first french fries at Islands. She loved
mango and mint gelato but the dark chocolate her favorite. Today she ate Boca Chicken Nuggets and would have eaten much more if given the chance!

Hadarya has been sure footed for a while but has not really stood on her own for an extended amount of time nor taken steps without holding on. She will walk, very quickly I might add, holding on to your hand or both hands, but not on her own. In the last few days we've created an environment that supports her walking and gives her the freedom to try on her own without being too scary. She is just moments away from taking off!! She will walk between us a few steps knowing our arms are up to grab on to if she needs. She stood at the couch today and let go and then toddled a few steps into the unknown. She is gaining confidence right before our eyes and it's so amazing to see.

Today she began to show a mischievous side that is going to keep us on our toes. She was playing in the kitchen while Yiftach did the dishes. She has a tupperware cabinet to play in and he gave her a couple of granola bars to play with in the wrapper. She loved the crinkle sounds they made. I went to take a shower in the guest bathroom (ants invaded ours) and heard her coming down the hall while I was cleaning up her bath toys to make room for my feet. She stopped short of the door and began talking to herself and making some noise. This was unusual, as she LOVES the bathroom and could see the light underneath, yet she did not pound on the door.

She was happy hanging out, so I didn't think anything of it. I heard Yiftach yell for her and I yelled back that she was by the bathroom. Then I heard him say something about Oh no and this is not for you, some of which was in Hebrew.

So, I opened the door and there sits my angel with half of a chocolate chip granola bar in her hand and a bite in her mouth. Boy was she having fun! It was clearly time for breakfast and since we did not give it to her in a timely manner, she took matters into her own hands.

We let her have 1/2 of the piece in her hand, put the rest away for another day, and sat her in seat for a real breakfast of cheerios, apples, cheese, and chocolate chip pancakes (it was Sunday breakfast after all!)

Oct 24, 2007

Light Through a Smoky Haze

What a week this has been in our home! Sunday night we were preparing for my first week back teaching after a 2-week fall break and lots of things happening every day. We flipped on the TV to catch up on the fire and were shocked to see an out of control situation, numerous evacuations, and reports of the fire moving southwest overnight towards our area. That was enough for us to pack up diaper bags and food for each of our cars in case something happened during the day and we were unable to get home. We made sure to each have enough things for the baby and then packed a bag for ourselves.

We went to bed late and didn't sleep well. The news we woke up to was not so good. The fire had not come in our direction but was raging across the entire Northern part of our county. It didn't take long for schools to be closed and people to be told to stay indoors.

So due to this horrific event we ended up with a "vacation" of sorts together as a family. Looking back, it's been a wonderful time spent reading, organizing cabinets, doing laundry, and being together. Hadarya is close to walking...she is just scared to do it on her own, but will walk holding on to one hand and is very proud of herself. She blows kisses with sound effects. She says her name: Hada. She has gotten very good at imitating our sounds and words too. She drinks mostly from a sippy cup during the day and we are working on eliminating the extra nighttime bottle.

She made it through her 1 year checkup with 5 shots and no aftereffects! The only thing that is slightly of are her naps, as there are only so many times you can play with the same toys and wear yourself out. We went to the indoor mall a few times and she rode the carousel for the first time (and LOVED it!) and played on the indoor play area until the big (too big, too old, too tall) kids got too rough in the small area and we had to leave before she got squashed. It has been a great family bonding week and time to be together that we don't make enough time for regularly .

But in the beginning, it was terrifying to live moment to moment glued to the TV and wondering how people's lives were being changed. Over 1/2 million people were evacuated and close to 2,000 homes destroyed. It's going to take a long time to recover from this week of mother nature reminding us who is in control.

We continue to pray for the safety and well being of the firefighters and volunteers who are risking their lives to save others. We pray that those who lost their homes will be able to see the light through the smoky haze and know that they are alive and the community is supporting them.

Oct 16, 2007

She knows she turned 1

I don't have any idea how this is possible, but Hadarya knows she is 1. She knows she is no longer a "baby" and that she can do "big girl" things. In the last two weeks things have changed dramatically.

The biggest change has been in eating. Prior to turning 1 she was not so keen on taking a bottle at SDSU and would drink about 1/2 of the amounts offered. She still ate lots of baby food and played around with the idea of table food. She actually played with it and sometimes it made it in and what she liked yesterday she didn't like today.

Then she got sick... again...two days after turning 1 and ran a 102 temp. She slept with us as her crib made her scream and squirm and she was totally unhappy. A trip to the doctor yielded a not totally cleared up ear infection but no other issues. So, we had ourselves an antibiotic chaser of 3 doses that lasts up to 10 days in her body. She muddled through another night in our bed and laying around the house and not being quite herself for two more days.

Mind you, during this time she increased her bottle intake of formula, we took her off the milk we started and stopped cheese and yogurt, and she didn't like table food nor baby food so much. The doctor had suggested doing formula in a sippy cup instead of the bottle to help the ear part... but she wouldn't touch it that way. So we bottled it and she took more and more and more than she has in a long time.

Then came Sunday and her birthday party. She was an amazing 1 year old who actually enjoyed herself immensely. See the previous post for details.

AND so came Monday and a return to SDSU and a totally changed child in her eating habits. She drank entire 6 oz bottles there the last two days and a 4 oz in between. On Monday alone, between Midnight and Midnight she consumed 26 oz of formula alone! PLUS she ate table food somewhat yesterday and didn't really want her jar of food for dinner. Today she ate everything given to her of the table food and did not have one jar of baby food.

SHE KNOWS PEOPLE.... SHE KNOWS. She wolfed down a veggie burger (all natural, vegan, taste tested at Costco first and DELICIOUS). She drank 4 oz of regular milk from a sippy cup and all of her bottles. We are working on the bottle thing, but she is back to being healthy and hungry!!

SO my baby is no longer my baby. She eats table food. She drinks out of a cup. She plays spontaneous Peek-A-Boo if you ask her in Hebrew or English "Where is Hadarya?" She buries her head down wherever she is and pops up with a noise to let you know she is there. She is exploring her tongue and its attachment to her mouth by sticking it out a lot and touching hers and yours if you will let her. She moves it around and makes smacking noises. She blows kisses if you ask and waves good-bye when asked in Hebrew and English.

We are truly a year old. I miss my baby who sat still in my lap and hung out BUT I revel in my inquisitive, curious, funny, girl who hugs, belly laughs at ANYTHING, and is smart smart smart. Sigh.

Oct 15, 2007

The Party

Hadarya had many birthday celebrations just as any child should!! We love to celebrate. After her family party on her actual birthday, we celebrated with our friends at the park on a beautiful sunny day. We were a little worried because it rained a lot the day before but we were not disappointed. Sunscreen and hats were needed in order to protect ourselves during the fun.

Hadarya is our miracle child and has completely spoiled us for the rest who have yet to join our family. She was an amazing center of attention at the park with 14 of her little friends and 40 adults. She never cried. She never pouted. She never slept.

She played. She swung on the swings. She played with her cousins Marsha and Wayne. She hung out on the grass with the bubbles and balls. She sat with her friend Ruby on the wall and munched animal crackers. She slid down the slide with Aidin and Rachel watching. She had a blast! She even enjoyed everyone singing to her and smiled at the crowd. She fought off sleeping until every last bit of the party was packed in the car, including her! Then she let go and took a 3 1/2 hour nap. We are so lucky to have so many amazing friends and family who helped us celebrate our beautiful daughter.

Thank you to you all for being part of our lives. We love you all very much!

Oct 9, 2007

The Birthday Girl

Our baby girl turned 1 yesterday. We were so busy we forgot to post her delicious photo and party pictures. She is 29 inches long, 22.5 pounds, and very very healthy in all aspects. We couldn't be any more thrilled with our love girl. Hadarya's birthday fell on the first day of my 2-week fall break and boy did I have fun over doing it for her cake. I baked a gorgeous butterfly cake decorated incredibly well for the guests at our family dinner and a 3-D teddy bear cake for the love bug. Boy did she like cake and especially the icing. This was the first of 3 celebrations for her tis week and she is just getting the hang of everyone singing Happy Birthday. Be sure to click on the photo link to see the whole birthday album on flickr.

A Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend, right before Hadarya's first birthday, we caved in and let her try many new things.

She had her first chocolate... a tiny tiny piece of a hershey's kiss, which she wasn't so sure of at first but then gobbled the next small piece.

She had her first wine...Ima thought it was grape juice and gave it to her at the kiddush, but as she coughed I realized that it was wine.

She had her first taste of blood... she slipped pulling up on the seat in services and banged what turned out to be her mouth not her head. She screamed bloody murder so I knew it was not so good. Nothing calmed her down. It turned out to be the newest tooth coming in and it was all swollen and bloody. She had not trouble drinking a bottle though and the wine definaitely helped!

We went out for an early birthday celebration dinner on Sunday night and they brought her Mississippi Mud Pie. She loved the whip cream and chocolate sauce. Oh yeah, and the bread!

All this before she turned one on Monday. Will she even like her birthday cake?