Sep 29, 2007


While we waited a long time for the first one to pop, she is not wasting any time with the rest! Three more popped through last week on the top (one front, and two side) and the other front one is very swollen and should come through any time. It is not helping that she also has an ear infection!

It looks like she'll have 6 teeth by the time she's 1! She stands up for several seconds on her own and can walk pushing something with wheels without falling for about 8 steps. Walking is definitely around the corner for this household!

We almost made it a year...

without being sick!

After two nights of raspy sounding breathing, an of day at SDSU, not wanting a bottle, and then pulling on her ear a bit we made a trip to urgent care. It's not exactly how we wanted to spend our Shabbat evening nor did we want our baby to be sick. We also didn't want to be the kind of parents who just run to the Doctor whenever their baby sniffles...yet, we just knew something was off with our girl.

Sure enough, after cleaning out the wax in both ears, Dr. Steele confirmed an ear infection. There was nothing wrong with her chest/breathing, no fever, but a swollen, ear drum with pus for effect. POOR BABY GIRL!!!

Tylenol has helped some and we are waiting for the antibiotics to kick in fully. She's coughing up a storm when she sleeps and just is not her cheerful happy self. Lots of cuddling in her future for the weekend.

Our goal is to get her healthy before her big day next week!

Sep 14, 2007


That is our daughter's first word. Yep... she has spoken clearly and without any doubt and her first word is book. It is an auspicious beginning to the New Year.

It all began on Erev Rosh Hashana while we were at services at TIS. We were sitting behind our friends, Elissa, Davia, and Andrew. Hadarya wanted none of her toys but all of Davia's. So she leaned forward and Elissa offered her a book. She said, "Do you want a book?" and Hadarya said, "book." I looked at Elissa and she confirmed that she heard her say it. But c'mon, she's 11 months old and how could that be her first word?

She seemed to say it again in Savta's company during our lunch but it was not clear enough to discern with all the people around. Today she clearly said it in front of Grandma as she reached for her shelf of books. She said it once, and then about 3 more times. We have a word!

At bath time she was reading her water proof book and she looked up at us and clearly without any distraction said BOOK. No doubt about it. She is talking and my guess is once she starts she is not going to stop.

Sep 10, 2007

Itsy BItsy Spider

How many times can you sing that song without getting bored? I haven't actually counted the number of times in a row I sing it; but I do know that when my darling daughter gets upset (which is rare) in the car or will not settle down in my lap to go to bed at night, I can count on Itsy Bitsy to do the trick. As soon I start singing she stops fussing, crying, or making noise. I do not have any idea what she likes about the tune or why that works so well. I can sometimes switch to Row, Row, Row your Boat or A You're Adorable. But usually it's just the spider.

The other night I sang it with different words so that Yiftach would hear me over the monitor and bring me a bottle to feed her. Then I needed the crib put down. SO the song went like this:

The Itsy Bitsy Baby woke up from her sleep.
Her Ima cuddled her while Aba made a bottle.
Then Aba came and put the cribside down
And the Itsy Bitsy Baby slept through the rest of the night!

She loved it and it only took Yiftach about 8 versions to realize I needed him!

Sep 3, 2007

Cutest Thing EVER

My daughter of course! We have had a super duper weekend of snuggling, sleeping in (8:30 AM on Shabbat!), and hanging out. She is so much fun and does the cutest things. There are way too many to list so those of you out of town should start making travel plans to visit this amazing person who has blessed our lives.

We could not possibly list all the things that make her unique, special, beautiful, talented, intelligent, cute, funny, and adorable. BUT this is one of our favorite things to do... stare at her when she is asleep. Therefore we are privvy to some very cute poses she accomplishes in her dream world and just had to share the latest. Enjoy!