Aug 26, 2008

I'm amazed at the power of the Internet to affect my feelings. I guess it just confirms what I've been telling people for years: computers (and, by extension, the Internet) are just tools for enhancing human interaction. Still, it's nice to be caught off guard by my own belief.

Aug 21, 2008

I'm a proud pee-pa this morning.

Aug 11, 2008

Israel Photos

We love our camera. It's one of the best purchases we've ever made and worth every penny we spent even though it took 4 years to buy it! We took over 1,000 photos during our adventure. We've edited them down to 746. Take your time. Enjoy the view. See Israel through our eyes. Gush over the cuteness that is our gorgeous almost 2 year old.


Terrible Transition

Last week was the week my love bug disappeared and was replaced by a whining, crying, tantrum throwing monster who suddenly hated daycare and eating. I am not totally sure what was the main trigger, but there were many contributing factors to the terrible week we had in our household last week. I hope other transitions are not this bad!

Hadarya's entire Chick classroom became Koala's last Monday. She is officially in the toddler cottage and not longer in the infant class. The best part is that her teachers all moved with her and so the transition was supposed to be easy. It was far from it!

If you read my previous post, you saw the lack of sleep and eating that began on Sunday. Throw in a brand new classroom, her 2 best friends absent for the entire week, and jet lag still lingering with the new teeth popping in and you have the recipe for a terrible week.

She cried buckets every morning whereas before she didn't even look back! She didn't eat or drink much of anything. She was very willing to take a nap but woke up crying and upset every day; even the day I was there waiting for her!

Then Wednesday night she stayed in her crib the entire night and only woke up 3-4 times for something to drink. (She's been very thirsty at night). Thursday she slept all night long and never woke up! Friday the same thing! All of a sudden my love bug returned.

Friday night we went to Zamru at the Bay and she gobbled up veggie lasagna off a spatula fed to her by the Rabbi. That jump started her appetite and she ate non-stop all weekend. Today was the first day back at school again and although she cried bucket when dropped off, she had a fabulous day!

Her friends were back. She ate well ALL day long. She napped well. She took a delicious bath tonight and didn't fuss over washing out the sand. She went to bed easily and early. We are back in the swing of things and it is very clear that my daughter craves structure and routine but is somewhat flexible if it's not too off. The change into a new place is rougher than I expected. It's been duly noted so I remember if and when we change to a new place!

The best part of the return of my sweetness is that she willingly gives HUGE hugs now and holds on so tight. It's the best! She is funny and happy and laughing all the time! mmmm.. she is so delicious!!!

Aug 4, 2008

What Happened to My Sweetness?

My beautiful, angelic, fabulous traveler is just about 22 months and someone has body snatched this lovely child and replaced her with a terrible-2-year old tantrum throwing, full body on the ground, throwing food, thing in our house.

We thought jet lag was bad. No one warned us about 2 year old molars. Thanks so much my friend!!!

We had a few nights of relatively nice sleep filled nights and then came Sunday. By mid-morning she was cranky, refused homemade chocolate chip pancakes (that should have been our first warning that life was about to change!), and took a 45 minute nap from which she awoke screaming and unable to calm down.

Life has not been the same since.

She has not eaten much in two days. She has not pooped in two days. She drank so much overnight Saturday to Sunday that her pj's and diaper soaked through enough for her to sit down and say "hot, hot" from knowing she peed! She takes bites of food, then spits it out, throws it across the room, and sweeps things out of our hands (yogurt all over the table is not so lovely). She throws herself on the ground and cries and screams. We try to ignore it, but after 25 minutes.... Tonight by 8:40 PM she was cooked.

She wanted to eat so badly but didn't want our help in getting anything. I finally scooped her up and told her we were going to bed. She calmed down immediately when I started to read to her but after three books, she was done. She refused to go to bed and cried. We put her in the car and took a drive. She was out within seconds and I hope the tylenol and motrin will be more effective tonight and allow her (and us) some much needed rest. Last night she thrashed about and cried every hour or so in our bed. Thank goodness I am not back at work yet because this would be a zillion times worse!

Our only clue to this being her molars is the constant drool that runs down her chin. She won't eat. She only chews (if she tries to eat) on the right side. I wonder how long this will last? When will I have my angel back? Will the other ones come in at the same time and let this all be over and done with?? I want my sweetness back and I want it back NOW!