Dec 31, 2007

Tough Night

One would think being back in our own house, with our own things, in her own crib would have delighted our child. Not so...she shrieked and cried when it was time for her afternoon nap. Because it was late anyway, we sort of skipped it. She's done that before. Bedtime went off smoothly, early at 6:30ish, and she fell sound asleep.

UNTIL...11:30. Then she drank a bottle and fell asleep on Yiftach and then she screamed and screamed and screamed and cried tears. It was heartbreaking. He was shaken. Nothing calmed her down. He left her room with her and she still cried hard in my arms. We changed her very wet diaper and she cried. We gave her tylenol and she cried. Finally, after about 10 minutes she fell asleep on me sitting up in my bed. Off to her crib, easy transfer and she was out.

UNTIL...3:30 AM. Same thing but with me starting the cuddle, bottle, rocking. She refused the pacifier. Wanted out of the crib and cuddled on me but cried out in spurts. So we left the room and settled on the couch with the lights dimmed low. She drank a bottle quickly and when Yiftach refilled it for her she pushed it away and cried some more. So into our bed she went and slept just fine until 6:48 AM.

I hope this is a phase. I hope those two top teeth break through very quickly. I hope that we are right in our guessing that it's the teeth that make her scream. This parenting thing is challenging enough without having to guess what ails our daughter in the middle of the night. The one who is full of pure joy during the day and who sleeps very well most days and night. We'd like a full nights sleep for everyone's happiness.

Oh yeah... when these teeth pop through the swollen gums, we're pretty sure the total will be 12. It's a little hard to count because the sharpness hurts when she bites down on your finger!

Dec 30, 2007

Vaction in Indio

Yep... you read that right. 7 nights and days in the desert with the two people I love so dearly. Add in great friends with an adorable 6 month old boy, E, super food, warm sunshine, conversation and movies, and you have a relaxing end to a crazy month and busy year.

There is not much more to say about Indio. We did all of the above and that is part of the reason why I have been off the blog. We took no computers, limited cell phone usage, and concentrated on our family. Heaven.

We spent three occasions in the pool. Watched 3 movies (STARDUST was exceptional). Read a long book. Played endlessly with my daughter. Reveled in her amazing ability to play WITH a 6 month old... never hitting, no temper tantrums, no biting, just sharing her toys, helping him crawl, and enjoying his company. They totally had a ball together!

We cooked super gourmet meals for breakfast and took turns cooking dinner. We had dessert every night and slept as late as possible. The week ended with our friends treating us to massages and our daughter sleeping from her late afternoon nap at 3:15 PM until 7:40 AM the next morning.

YEP... that's right, with the a 20 minute crying interlude from 3:50 - 4:15 and again from 4:45 - 4:55 (bottle helped the hunger), she was unwakeable. She slept in the lit family room in the pack n play with the TV on until we went to bed. She was exhausted from her playing, the wind in her face the day before, and the swimming. It was a wonderful night even though we were a little worried about the huge sleeping. She knew we needed some time as adults together!

This is a place to get away and relax and be together. We had a grand time.

Pure Joy

My daughter.

She finds pure joy in simple things.

Like the wind blowing in her face while being pushed through an outlet mall in cold weather. She laughed and cooed and threw her hands out to catch it and then threw her body back against the seat in contentment... over and over and over and over again.

Like hanging out on the inner tube in the lazy river at the timeshare and splashing about in the kids pool. She could not get enough of the inner tube on Ima's tummy while they were whisked through the water in the river. She splashed and laughed as it hit her face and then flung herself back over the edge for more. In the kid's pool she could not be content to sit still and be warm, she had to stand and jump and try to swim. Yep... she threw herself into the water, as we taught her this summer, and put her face under. All the while laughing, spurting water, and crumpling her face in joy.

Like the pleasure she derives from singing songs with us that have hand motions or movement to them. She can do all the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider and clap YEAH when it's over; Bim Bam and through her hands in the air for Shabbat Shalom HEY; and mmmm when the little green frog makes her tongue eject in just the cutest way that you know she gets the song... every time you sing that part! She also does OH NO with her hands on her cheeks to another song from school, but I don't know that one yet.

You can see it. You can feel it. You can wallow in it. It lifts your day. It brightens your mood. It distracts you from doing anything else. The pure joy of Hadarya is the greatest thing I have ever experienced.

Dec 4, 2007

Making Dreams Come True

The last five days have been spent in humid, muggy Orlando, Florida. It was our first trip with a toddler who can walk, tell us what she wants, and is very curious. It was a blast and she was so amazing! We'd do it again in a heartbeat.

The conference itself was ok, not great, not bad, just in between. It's the relationships that we built, nurtured, and made during that trip that made it so fantastic.

I was attending the United Jewish Synagogue's Biennial Convention with the Education Director of Ohr Shalom, LeAnne, LeAnne Adams. Yiftach and Hadarya were our bonus feature for the long time away. We were able to secure our timeshare (2BR 2BA) and that made such a great difference for eating and sleeping and Yiftach having good space for Hadarya to play with her toys. It is here that she learned to open all the cabinets in the kitchen... cause it wasn't our house so why not let her have fun? We didn't think of the transfer of activities that would take place upon our return. Hence the childproof locks that Yiftach installed and that made Hadarya mad because she couldn't get into them!

We were lucky that Yiftach's bone marrow recipient and her husband, Grammy Phyllis and Papa Joel, were able to make the drive from Ft. Myers to spend time with us. They had the pleasure of lots of wonderful time with Hadarya and Yiftach. They took us to a scrumptious dinner on the pier and generally caught up on our lives since seeing them in May. It was so great to spend time together!

Yiftach has cousins, Lynn and Marc, who live in Orlando with their two boys, Matthew and Jonathan, whom Yiftach had not met since he'd not seen Marc and Lynn for almost 10 years. It did not matter! They had a lovely time Friday night together and loved being with the baby. We all hung out Sunday night at Downtown Disney, watched the fireworks from the beach across the way from the castle, and ate dinner at a gourment McDonald's. They all doted on Hadarya and her favorite stuffed animal to date is her Florida Gator...Albert Allie Gator!

Another bonus of this conservative movement convention was spending time with our dear friends Alisa and Stephen. They introduced Yiftach and I 7 years ago, and Alisa married us almost 5 years ago. They now live in New Jersey, so this time was especially precious. It's just like we saw them yesterday. Their friendship makes me smile and warms my heart when I see them. They loved having time with Hadarya and being able to relish in our child.

ON to her... she flew to Orlando like a pro and back to CA without any issues. She stayed on California time and napped well. She slept half the night in a crib (provided by the timeshare) and the rest in our bed taking up most of the space in the middle. She ate well. She laughed a lot. She ran around the gigantic hallways at the hotel amusing herself. She played hide-and-seek around the corners, explored the registration office, wedged her way under the end tables, and slithered off to poop in private. Can you tell how much I am in love with my daughter? She made everyone laugh and smile at her genuine happiness. Life is good, no scratch that, fabulouso, with her in it.

Nov 30, 2007

Day 30 - The end?

Today is Day 30 of National Posting Blogging Month. I cannot believe I met the challenge to blog every single day. It actually was not as difficult as I thought it would be! There were a couple of times that I barely squeaked by and once that I did it so early in the morning, my sister thought it shouldn't count because she had nothing to read over breakfast. She had to wait almost two days of time for the next post being up.

I appreciate all my faithful readers and the few who have begun posting comments. I love getting feedback!

Hadarya is having a ball! She is such a trooper. She loved walking around and around and around the hotel area by the conference site. The huge open space was extremely attractive to her walking feet. She got very adventurous and walked pretty far away from us.

It's now time to get dressed for Shabbat. The real treat of the weekend is davening with Hazzan Alisa Pomerantz-Boro. She is here for the Biennial and is our dear friend who introduced Yiftach and I to each other. It's going to be great to catch up with her.

There is a sense of relief to be ending this 30 days and a sense of sadness.
I am not longer obligated to blog every day but it's been kind of fun. I kind of like the idea of picking a theme of some sort (other than my daughter) and blogging about that too. So this will temporarily be the end of every day blogging. We are in Orlando for a conference and have a busy weekend of things to do. I will update about our fun, but it might not be until we get home.

Nov 29, 2007

Day 29 - A Day of Pleasant Surpises

1. We made it through security at the San Diego Airport in the amount of time it took US to unload onto the conveyor belt and then reload on the other end. All this with a sleeping baby who NEVER WOKE UP!

2. A baby who slept through the first part of the flight to Atlanta, transferred into the stroller and slept for the entire layover, and then got on the plane, played for take off while watching all the people and then fell fast asleep.

3. Car seat rental with car was a brilliant idea.

4. Time share has cribs and high chairs available at no cost to us. No need to drive to rent them for $80!

5. Internet hook up for our laptop in our room is $15

6. If we have to change units tomorrow, the housekeepers move everything for us.

We are very tired at 11:30 PM on the East Coast. Baby girl did not go to sleep until 10:30 with very little napping all day. Husband is exhausted and cranky but a very good man for chauffering us back and forth to the resort, hanging out, and wanting so badly to participate but knowing it's not his time to.

What a nice day despite the lack of proper sleep last night. We have found Floridians to be very friendly, helpful, and pleasant. : )

Nov 28, 2007

Day 28 - Traveling Lightly

We began our packing endeavor last night too late to really think things through. Normally I pack far in advance, but there has been too much going on to think that way. This is our first big trip since Hadarya has been mobile. We have done a lot of traveling, but no air flights since March. All car rides, usually when she is sleeping.

We realized we were in a predicament when her clothes and such took up one small suitcase, mine another, and then Yiftach's. Add to that a Pack and Play and a car seat and we are over in our allowed amount to check. Never mind the carry on's and stroller! The one smart thing we did was pack the car seat in a traveling bag and pack it with blankets, diapers, and toys. We used our space wisely.

Then I got an idea!

Somehow we must be able to rent the items we need so we don't have to schlep them. We ARE going to Orlando mind you and that tourist area has to be filled with these things. Google came through and gave us 8 options. Some more expensive than others. We settled on a a place called K.I.S.S. which will give us a full size crib with bumper, mattress, and linens, a high chair (she's gotta sit somewhere!), and a box of toys for about $80 for a week. (weeks start at 4 days). We decided it was well worth the money and not the schelp! Then I was told today at daycare by another mom that car rental places have to offer car seats...who knew?? I've never rented a car with a baby! So we called up and sure enough for $7.50 a day or $39 for the week we can get a car seat.

SOOOO we said goodbye to our packed up carseat, no pack and play, and are going to Orlando for 5 days and 4 nights with 2 large suitcases, 1 small suitcase full of consumable items, (diapers and food), a diaper bag, a backpack (magazines, laptop, and toys), a stroller, and a laptop case. We are golden. This is going to be great and we feel so good about choosing to travel without all the added accessories. We haven't gone yet, but I highly recommend renting if possible. I know the lack of hassle will be worth the money!

Nov 27, 2007

Day 27 - No Applause When Entering A Room?

At the end of the 3 Day walk, at closing ceremonies, the crowds of thousands cheer and applaud the walkers and crew as they come into closing ceremonies. The closing speaker always jokes about how there will probably not be anyone clapping for you when you walk into the office on Monday. It gets tons of laughs because we realize how great it has been to cheer each other on all weekend and that no one every applauds our simple efforts.

Well tonight that was not the case. With 9 women in Book Club watching my proud baby girl show off, there was spontaneous applause. She was in the dining room and finishing dinner when most of them arrived. They have not see her stable walking yet and boy she couldn't wait. Well, she did wait patiently by her chair until everyone was looking at her. Then she smiled her huge smile, clasped her hands in front of her chest and slowly and dramatically began her walk to Ima. When she got to the carpet, she fell forward in a bow and everyone clapped. Yep, she got the applause when entering the room walking.

We think she's as cute as a button but this took the cake. She was a giggly mess of fun the whole evening and totally delights in the attention she gets as the youngest member of book club. Although... I am considering that the need for a sitter is going to arise shortly as she's just not going to let me relax and enjoy book club much longer.

Off to grab my sleep. She is let us sleep until 5:15 AM and then went back to bed after a bottle. BLISS.

Nov 26, 2007

Day 26 - On the Run

Literally I am moving in motion to get 3 days of sub plans finished, a note to a parent with directions for her day of volunteering in my classroom, hosting book club tomorrow night, and be a good sister. Oh yeah... and the baby is on the run too. She is so proud of herself for walking and she can get herself up without any assistance or props. It's adorable and scary and fun.

SO much to do and my bed calls loudly.

Nov 25, 2007

Day 25 - I don't want to brag BUT...

my daughter is exceptionally smart. She just is and she shows it every day. We do our best to guide her, giver her structure, and share with her experiences that we believe will enrich her, help her grow into a well-rounded human being, and learn a lot. Every day she continues to astound us and teach us things that she can already do that we don't remember teaching her.

Today was no exception.

She is not so keen on picking up her food anymore. She'll pick up finger food like bread, cornbread, pancakes, veggie burgers, and soy chicken nuggets. She will not pick up cucumber, broccoli, peaches, kiwi, or other slightly gooey foods. We thought she didn't like them. We thought she didn't appreciate us trying to feed her. We were so wrong. In the last two weeks she has been adamant about having her own spoon when we feed her something like applesauce and yogurt. She dips it into the jar or bowl and then brings it into her mouth in the right way and says "mmmmm." Ok, it's a spoon and she's got pretty good aim. Well today she insisted on holding a plastic fork and would not eat the kiwi that she loved yesterday when I put it in her mouth. So we speared the fork because she was putting it in her mouth. She GOBBLED up the half that I had cut for her that she did not pick up with her hands. At dinner, she ate speared cucumbers and all of a fruit cup on the fork that she would not touch before today. I cannot believe that she can use a fork! She is only 13 1/2 months old. She cannot spear it herself, but she can get it all in her mouth without any problem.

She also understands how to follow a direction. She has actually been doing this for about a month but we thought it was just because of the situation. My awesome cousin Janis bought her a rocker/toddler chair when she was born. She now climbs in and out of it. Hadarya thinks it's funny to stand on it and hold the back and play peek-a-boo with the window. We have been telling her to sit down in both Hebrew and English since she started the standing up business. Within a few days we could say, "Hadarya, sit down on your tushie please;" and she would. She'd give us a smug look but she would do it. We thought it was our tone more than anything. Well, today we (Auntie Kimber, me and Aba) were sitting on the couch facing the wall with the toy chest (about 10 feet away). I asked Hadarya to go get the monkey (Kof) and give it to Auntie Kimber. I repeated it a few times using the Hebrew name for the monkey that we call it. She turned around and walked to the toy chest. She stopped and looked back at us and Aba told her the same thing entirely in Hebrew. She grabbed the monkey off the toy chest (there were 2 teddy bears and a doll on it too) and walked back to the couch and handed it to Auntie Kimber. We were shocked! She knew exactly what we asked and followed through. It was quite a sight to see.

So my life is going to be filled with finding ways to challenge my smart daughter while keeping her rooted in stability of herself. She has got the walking down pat and proudly pulls herself up on whatever is nearby and then toddles on. She actively leaves the family room and moves down the cold tile floors towards her room or ours or the kitchen. She rarely stops in between unless she needs to steady herself. She does not go running into things as she has figured out how to make her legs slow down. She is very proud of herself and we are too. I am sure that pride will turn into exhaustion as she begins running away from us to explore!

She is only 13 1/2 months old. Wow. I am so proud of her amazing accomplishments.

Nov 24, 2007

Day 24 - Sleepless in San Diego

Every since Hadarya got sick at 11 1/2 months (she is now 13 1/2 months) we've not had a consistent good night's sleep. Her sleep pattern was constantly disrupted with not feeling well, fevers, breathing issues related to teething, etc. It's not been a good month in our house for feeling well rested!

She is healthy now and has gained her appetite back. We are using soy milk as she had a difficult time with the whole milk right after being sick. The sicknesses interrupted a good path we were on to get off formula, bottles, and baby food. All of that slid downhill with the various illnesses as she only wanted comfort food that was mushy and easy to swallow. The new fangs coming in didn't help the drinking issue. And now we are having a sleep issue.

She wakes an average of two times a night and cries her eyes out. She never ever has done this before. Tonight was no exception. She was totally soaked and cried through the whole diaper change. She was only ok once she had a bottle in her mouth in which she drowned the entire thing. Her 1:30 AM spout was her second waking up since going to bed at 7 PM. She will not go down to sleep unless she is really almost out either.

We tried to let her cry a little when she "woke" up from the bottle and being put down by Yiftach. Did not work. Her screaming petered out within 5 minutes and it was minimal. I went in and gave her a pacifier and laid her down and patted her back several time and told her I loved her and to rest her body. She was standing up screaming before I left the room! The only thing that worked this time was the rocking chair and bottle again. We also tried tylenol as her teeth are looking swollen as they drop through on both sides.

She is an amazing kid who is happy, happy, happy all the time. She goes down for naps very easily at daycare. She is one of the few who still needs her back patted for a while but she does not need to be rocked like at home. She will not do that for us here.

I know she is not really hungry and that she is getting enough food. I know that sleep patterns get interrupted. I know that she is way happier with more sleep and so am I. I don't know how to get back to the longer sleep hours for her and how to help her stop the crying. Nothing I read on the internet helps. I am hoping that it's just a phase as she is growing and getting over being sick.

We are off to Florida next weekend and this is going to be way hard if she cannot sleep through the night!

Nov 23, 2007

Day 23 - Black Friday is GOOD

Yep, I went out very early this morning to shop. Actually I had somewhere to be at 6:30 anyway, so I decided I might as well hit a few stores along the way. I am actually very proud of myself. We did very smart ad shopping and I knew exactly what I was looking for. I found it all and did not spend more than 10 minutes waiting in line. I was a super savvy shopper. It was so awesome. I got home at 7:20 AM as my lovely husband and gorgeous daughter were getting up. I cannot share the amazing items some of my readers are recipients of the gifts I purchased. But suffice it to say this will be a lovely holiday for all.

Shabbat was spent with Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Kimber where we celebrated Thanksgiving again. Turkey, cranberries, potatoes, peas and mushrooms, and great company. Hadarya even got to celebrate Hanukkah early by opening several presents. Her favorite, by far, was a fun rocking chair that Grandma got from a friend. It wasn't even an official holiday present!

Then we arrived home at 7:00 and Princess fell fast asleep... we are close behind.

Nov 22, 2007

Day 22 - Turkey Day

Bright and early we were up and out to participate in the 6th annual Jewish Family Service 5K walk/run for the hungry. It was awesome! Baby girl slept until I picked her up out of her crib at 6:50 AM (this would be the morning she wanted to sleep in!) and we left her in her pj's and a fresh diaper. The race itself didn't get going until about 8:20 after the 10K runners left. We walked with Scott and Jennifer and had a blast! Auntie Kimber and Grandpa got ahead of us, so we caught up with them at the end. In time to eat pizza (Hadarya's first and definitely not the last!) and carmel corn.

Then we came home to a deliciously long nap. Hadarya slept for just over 2 hours she fell asleep in the car) and we put back on our PJ's and got into bed. Then we hung out when she woke up, had lunch, and went for a walk to the corner 7-11 to get a paper.

Of course, we'd pushed our time and so we rushed around to get dressed, give H a bath, and gather the tons of food we made to head to Scott and Jennifer. There were about 30 people having dinner tonight and it was a little loud, a little madhousy, and a lot of fun. The kids had fun playing and eating and laughing.

Hadarya is fast asleep having had no afternoon nap and staying up until about 8:00. We are hoping for an all-nighter tonight and so we are off to join her in dreamland. It was a wonderful day filled with lots of fun, good food, and fantastic family and friends. The best part...I don't feel like I over ate and stuffed myself. Yeah!

Nov 21, 2007

Day 21 - Quiet Time

My house is quiet. The air is quiet. There is no noise right now except me typing. I cannot remember another moment like this in a long, long time. There are no little fingers grabbing the power plug or pounding on the keyboard. No voice asking me about dinner or what we are doing later. Just the quiet of my own thoughts...hmmm, that is kind of scary!

I am off today and my husband is at work and my daughter at daycare. I slept in (7:10) and got them off. I am doing some laundry, did a masque on my face, and took a long hot shower. The sky is bleak and gray and the kind you want to snuggle in with a movie and hot chocolate. Now, that is a great idea!

My day will be filled with friends and family coming over to cook for Thanksgiving and do laundry. Until then I am going to enjoy the time to myself. : )

Nov 20, 2007

Day 20 - The Break Begins

I have been officially on break since noon today. It's a great thing to have conferences with no kids right before a holiday and then still have time off. I feel like I have accomplished so much. I talked to 17 parents about their students successes and challenges. I cleaned up my classroom. I rearranged the seats, made a new rewards system, and planned lessons for 2 weeks. I baked a batch of brownies and 2 batches of cookies. I made a nice dinner and hubby cleaned up the kitchen. Toys are put away and the babester went to bed without a fuss at 7:30.

I love knowing that I do not have to get up and out of pajamas all day tomorrow if I don't wanna. Break is good. I am so looking forward to 5 days of family, me time, and just hanging out in our house. Oh yeah... and blogging of course.

I am now going to enjoy my quiet house and my husband.

Nov 19, 2007

Day 19 - Did You Know?

I spent the day in a class size reduction staff development today. All teachers who have 20 students are required to have a one of the three conference days taken back by the district for a mandated staff development.

Today, 300 K-3 teachers gathered to hear a speaker discuss and lead us in discussion about a Pyramid of Interventions meant to help students before things reach a crisis situation. It is meant to help our Professional Learning Communities continue on their paths to collaboration and achievement in learning for all students.

Part of the presentation was a short video called Did You Know? It was developed a year ago for a staff to start the conversation about whether or not they were preparing their students for the 21st century. It has now created 5 million conversations. This is one of them. Click on various versions on the home page to download the video.

It is powerful and thoughtful and insightful. It has made me think about what kind of world (one I cannot imagine!) will be there for my daughter in 20 years. It has made me realize that she is going to have a whole new world for herself that I will learn through her. It is my responsibility to provide her with the opportunities and experiences to be able to actively participate in this world that will be open to her.

Nov 18, 2007

Day 18 - LIFE

Today is the 18th day of blogging for me and I contemplated my day and what would be so interesting to write about. So I am focusing on the 18. 18 is the numbers represented by the Hebrew letters that make the word for life...chai. It is an important number in Judaism and one that is used for many things. My daughter was born on 10-08 (18) and came home from the hospital on the 18th of that month. It is an auspicious number and one that I constantly think of when thinking about new life yet to be.

Tonight we had dinner with our great friends that we never seem to see anymore. Why??? LIFE... it just gets in our way now. Tamar and I knew each other when we were single and out looking for our b'sheret almost 9 years ago. Wow how time flies. We were in each other's weddings, 6 months apart and will both celebrate 5 years of marriage in 2008. Our lives are full and busy and happy.

She is mom to a lively 3 year old boy and that certainly changed how her life worked and how our friendship worked. Then came our baby and another layer changes things as life begins to be more complicated when doing simple things like dinner. We used to just go go go and stay out late. Now our lives have two little bodies in it who need to eat at an early time and go to bed at an early time then we used to. It makes it challenging to find time to get together because we each want to be at our own house to let the kids go to bed.

So tonight, on a whim, we went to the park and played at 5 PM. We had so much fun. Then we went to dinner for pizza and salad and the kids had a ball. Hadarya got very tired right before our dinner came (no surprise since she had no nap!) and cuddled on me while I ate over her head. We joked about how conversations get interrupted now. How we order food with a toddler in mind who will eat some of it. How when it's time to go, it's time to go and there is no lollygagging around the bill.

Life is wonderful and full and happy. It's different than it was before the kids. It will be different after her twins arrive in February. Now we'll need a table for 8 with 4 high chairs! Life is good and today was a great day to remember all that we have and all that makes us smile.

Nov 17, 2007

Day 17 - Baby Love is the Best

My days are now divided into parts: work, baby time, and then catch up time on the house, life, mail, etc. That is about an hour and half of time before I crash into bed.

So today when I had to work on a Saturday and lose my baby time, it was not the best of the best! But I work in a public school and we offer Saturday conferences and get next Wednesday off before Thanksgiving. I met with 8 out of 10 parents who showed up and all of them went very well, except for the one I suspected wouldn't. It was really nice to sit with all my parents and chat about the strengths and weaknesses of their kids.

Then I got home at 2:30 to the best of the best that melted my heart! Hadarya was playing with her leap frog table and saw me around the corner. She grinned from ear to ear, stood tall, and raised her hands to me. Oh my, it was so great. She snuggled and cuddled and played and laughed. She couldn't get enough of me and I couldn't get enough of her. It was the best ending to my morning.

Day 16 - Shabbat

Once a month our synagogue has an early service and a fantastic dinner afterwards. The dinner is cooked by two members of the synagogue who give their time to shop and cook for 180 people. Last night they out did themselves.

The service was , as always, great. Hadarya LOVED the music by Zeji on the guitar. She danced and stared in awe as he played. She was not so interested when the music stopped so we took a few walks around.

The dinner was an early Thanksgiving feast that was beyond superb. Turkey, stuffing (made with day old challah), kugel, green beans, cranberries, gravy, potatoes (all homemade!). I ate way too much!

Little Miss fell sound asleep after a few bits of challah in my arms and let us eat our dinner. It was a great way to start our weekend, despite the fact that I had to work on Saturday doing parent conferences. Ahhh.. all weekends should start so beautifully!

Nov 15, 2007

Day 15 - Honoring My Husband

Tonight was the Bone Marrow Donor Reception. It is the 3rd year we've attended and every year it gets better and better. My amazing husband donated bone marrow in June 2005 to an anonymous recipient who has survived. Tonight was about honoring him and all the other donors who have given of themselves so selflessly. Tonight my husband was the honored guest and his story was told.

I was in tears watching the video of him and Phyllis that was shot during her visit to San Diego in May. I've seen it before. I've heard the story before. It didn't matter. It was still amazing and still heartwarming.

Then my lovely, adorable husband got up to speak in person and share his story. He had not had much notice (he thought he was back up person a couple of weeks ago and then found out he was it when we arrived tonight!), so he took up some notes with him. They were not needed. He spoke from his heart and was genuine and real. It helps that he is a great public speaker, but the audience felt his message and emotions.

Tonight was about him and his act of bravery. Tonight was about us and the decisions we made together to go through with this act. Tonight was about Phyllis and Joel and her survival of 2 1/2 years. Tonight was about God's shining light on us and our daughter arriving in our lives just after the 1 year survival mark. Tonight was about remembering the choices you can make and the difference you can make in someone's life.

The Talmud says that to save someone's life is like saving the world. My husband has saved the world.

Nov 14, 2007

Day 14 - Report Cards Suck

I hate doing Report Cards. They take hours and hours to do. They are electronic and have to be downloaded. Then you have to fill in all the names and information. Then you have to click on every box to fill in the letter grade. There is also a comment section to which I feel compelled to write several sentences.

I shouldn't complain. I only have 20 to do this year. But I also have a life outside school. I have a baby who I want to spend time with and a husband who needs my attention. That does not even touch on the housework, the late hour I get to bed, and the online course I am taking.

It's very late. I am very tired. AND I only have 7 report cards done. Conferences are Saturday. We really should have a 1/2 day sub to finish these on school time. NOT on our weekends and nights.

Let's hope the Princess makes it through the whole night tonight. : )

Nov 13, 2007

Day 13 - What a LONG night!

It's only 6:25 AM but I wish is were later so I'd be closer to going to bed! Hadarya had a really tough night last night. Like none other even when she was sick. We had friends over for our weekly dinner and the girls had so much fun playing together. Hadarya had not had anything to drink all day and was making me very worried. She was so not interested in much of anything except some baby food. Nothing she had to chew.

She would not settle down to go to bed, so we took a drive and she finally fell asleep around 8:10 PM. She went to her bed and woke up screaming her lungs out at 9:30. She could not be calmed down through cuddling, pacifier, or other means. Our friends suggested tylenol and that her screaming was definitely something other than not feeling well.

Shauna to the rescue! Sometimes you have to be able to step back to see a solution. She asked how big H was (22 pounds) and if we still had our swing. She said swings were up to 25 pounds. SO out came the swing from the garage and in went the 13 month old, 22 pound, 30.5 inch baby girl. She was out within 5 minutes.

Repeat all of the above at 2:20 AM and you have our night... including the car ride! She slept until 5:30 and Yiftach brought her to bed where she remained asleep until waking up very happy at 6:30 AM.

Tonight she seems to be much better and drank quite a bit all day including some juice in a bottle this morning. Shauna astuely guessed that that maybe she was teething and indeed it looks like there are at least 2 on top (the fangs) breaking through as well as a back molar. Aahhh... the joys of teething and parenting.

Nov 12, 2007

Day 12 - Laundry

All about laundry today. I thought we'd just done our clothes but I guess we wore a ton and it seemed to be overflowing. Since Hadarya's been sick for the last 10 days we've also not taken care of our towels and sheets and whatnot. So... the day started with a whole house vacuum and laundry. 6 loads done and one more of the baby's things still to go. Whew!

Then our friends called. We have dinner once a week at our houses and it was their turn to host. They'd hosted for the last few times as we've had to cancel our weeks due to a sick baby or other conflicts. Shauna called at 1 and asked if they could come to our house instead. I had offered since we'd been there so many times! Of course, we said. AND can we bring our laundry? she asked. Their machine was broken and had not been fixed. In between dinner, dessert, baths, and talking, they managed to do 5 loads themselves.

We love our washer/dryer that my parents bought us when we moved into the house. It was amazing today completing 10 loads of clean clothes. Our dinner party became a folding laundry party and we all are ready for the week!

Nov 11, 2007

Day 11 - Just as Powerful Year #5

4,500 walkers. 600 crew. Hundreds of volunteers. San Jose Police on bikes. Safety crew on motorcycles. Strangers 3 days ago - united by a common cause.

Today was my 5th closing ceremony for the Breast Cancer 3 Day. We left the baby at home (hard decision but the right one!) and although I debated about whether or not I should actually attend right up until the last moment, I am so glad I went.

Cheering on the walkers as they entered Petco Park was a never ending line of beautiful women and men who had spent 3 days walking 60 miles, raised $2200 each, and traveled away from families to sleep in a tent for 3 days.

The walk to the closing ceremonies was lined with thousands of people cheering on the crew and the walkers. We lined the area and cheered the walkers into the outer ring. Then the crew moved into our circle and we all raised our shoes to the inner circle of survivors.

I have heard the same or similar words for 5 years. I never get tired of the same silly jokes about porta-potties. I never get tired of hearing about the kindness that we deal with for 3 days. I never get tired of being reminded that no one is going to cheer for me when I get to work. The tears still well up and I remember how lucky I am to be here; to be alive; to be able to participate.

Our mission is not complete. Breast cancer is not eradicated. We have to keep walking until a cure is found. Getting ready for year #6...2008.

Nov 10, 2007

Day 10 - Making Choices

Everyday we make choices about what we do, what we say, and how we react. I find it more challenging to make decisions that affect my daughter because I don't want it to be the wrong thing to do. I want to keep doing the things I do but then there is the amazing little person who has needs and wants too.

Our little Miss has experienced one sickness after another since turning one. She was sick free for 11 months and 3 weeks. Then, an ear infection that needed to be treated twice and had a lovely high fever accompanying it the second time. Roseola that landed us in the ER with a 104.6 fever. And then throwing up at school with a stomach bug. All of these lovely childhood diseases seemed to occur smack in the middle of other planned activities and therefore required changing our plans.

I know this is what being a parent is all about. Being flexible and putting her first before any other plans is a priority. I find it hard to make that choice for several reasons. Her being sick usually doesn't involve lethargy, clinging, and being held. She has been a happy child even through her illnesses and so when I can't send her to daycare I feel weird calling in sick because she's not the usual kind of kid sick.

This weekend we had many choices to make regarding our participation in the 3 day walk, taking care of a baby who'd thrown up at school but only once at home, and a friend's 40th birthday. Too many we take her to lunch and hang out with the walkers? Do I go to my pitstop on day 3? Do we hire a babysitter?

Too many choices too make and too many people I don't want to disappoint and we still want to do it all. Ahhh.. the joys of being a parent.

Nov 9, 2007

Day 9 - Tired and Achy

What a day today has been and it's not even 8 PM! My day started at 3:00 AM when I rose to greet the day as Pit Stop 1 Crew Member for the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. Our babysitter arrived at 3:45 AM so we could participate. I was nervous for my daughter. In her 13 months of life she has not woken up to anyone but her Ima and Aba. Would she cry? Would she be mad? Would she recognize her favorite teacher from school, Miss Alyssa and smile? I was worried, but knew my mom could come down if needed or I could come home.

My worry was unwarranted for that issue. She did great. She woke up at 6 AM. Cuddled for awhile and played peek-a-boo with Alyssa without any tears. She then played happily in her crib with books while she showered and then she got a new diaper, got dressed, and ate some yogurt. Then off to school with her teacher. A great start. We were already in the thick of walkers as they drove to school.

4500 walkers descended on Pit 1 starting at 7:30 AM. I was dressed in my Tink BELIEVE pajamas and I handed out the beloved stickers. Yep, adults go CRAZY for stickers on this walk. I was totally bombarded for the entire time moving my fingers as fast as I could to get the little stars off and onto their credentials. They swarmed around me and shoved their hands, fingers, and credentials in my space to plop a sticker. It was great. Then the rush subsided and I realized it was almost 9 AM and our pit stop was going to be closing. It was over for the morning, except for clean up. I LOVED it. When I crewed Pit Stop 5 we were up at 5 AM, but didn't start setting up until almost 10 AM and we were the last ones to close around 4:30 PM. We never made it back to came before 7 PM. It was great to be done and get to hang out at lunch and help and talk to people.

Unfortunately we got a call at 1 PM that our babydoll had woken up from her nap and thrown up all over herself. YUCKY! She threw up 3 more times at school (once on me when we were leaving) and then was great all afternoon. I gave her applesauce and that also came back up. So she is tired and achy and can't tell me. I am tired and achy from using my muscles I haven't used in a while and I can say something. But it doesn't matter for's all about my lovey and her being sick again.

Nov 8, 2007

Day 8 - We're Walking!

Tomorrow is the 3 Day 60 mile walk for Breast Cancer. This is our 5th year participating in the event. I have walked 3 times and crewed twice. We love getting up in the middle of the night and being with thousands of people who are happy to be together. I really mean it. It's amazing. But I am not the walker this year. My daughter is!

Hadarya's been toying with walking for quite some time and seriously since she turned 1. She is 13 months old today and she walked across the family room! It was so amazing. She just hasn't had the confidence in herself to let go and then she's been very sick twice in the last month, which has hindered her time to practice.

Today was the day. We got home from daycare and she was hanging out in our room and just walked away from her Aba. She doesn't know when to stop so the side of the dresser helped her figure it out, as did the clothes in the closet that she fell into. We were so in awe of her ability that we weren't paying so much attention other than to cheer her on.

We were in the kitchen a little later and she was sitting on the floor. Within seconds she had gotten up on her own and was walking across the floor to me. I think I startled her when I got so excited! We know we're in for some chasing (good for the thighs) and we know we are in for some bumps (not so good for Ima's heart) but we are really thrilled to watch her grow and learn and master these amazing things.

Nov 7, 2007

Day 7 - Hump Day

Oh boy is it ever hump day! I hope that this body makes it up and over the hump and is still standing on the other side tomorrow. My voice is going and my chest feels heavy. I am tired and my body is letting me know that I am most definitely 38 and cannot exist on 3-4 hours of sleep interrupted by the cutest baby ever for 4 nights in a row. Hadarya has actually slept most of the last two nights, but in trying to catch up on what I didn't do when she was at the beginning of the illness, means that I do not go to bed when she does. Hence the loss of voice and tired eyes.

So I am trying to make it through and get my body to bed very quickly. Lovebug went to sleep at 6:45 PM and is soundly out and looks like in for a great night of rest. She went to daycare today and did well. She is definitely almost over the hump and back to herself.

We know on the other side of the hump is the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk that we are participating in and how much has to be packed into Thursday to be ready for it on Friday at 4 AM.

I can rest on Monday. Veteran's Day. No school for me. No work for my husband. No daycare for my daughter. Ok, maybe I won't rest so much, but just a little?

Nov 6, 2007

Day 6 - Blowing in the Wind

There is nothing like seeing an old friend. I have a very dear friend who lives in Houston, Texas. We don't see each other a lot. We don't keep in touch a lot. But time and distance doesn't seem to matter when we finally get to see each other. Usually it's when he's blowing in the wind through town in 24 hours for a conference. Like tonight.

David and I have been friends since high school. We've known each other for almost 25 years. That is so crazy to put that number on it. How can it possibly be that long?

So today the wind shifted and blew through our town with our friend. It's been two years but it could have been yesterday. What a great two hours of chatting and laughing and catching up on our lives. Our daughter woke up long enough to flash him a brilliant smile.

The best part of our story is that while we have been friends for so long, he and my husband met just about 8 years ago and they formed their own friendship before we started dating. And now, he is our friend and that is just great.

We love when the wind blows in our friend to see us.

Nov 5, 2007

Day 5 - A Trip to the ER

Our first trip to the ER occurred at 9:30 PM last night. Hopefully it will be a long time before we have to do that again... and not because of our daughter; it was the others being treated that made us heartbroken and sad!

Our lovebug ran a low grade fever all day long, ate some more than the day before, and took no naps! She had a bath and actually sat through it playing this time and let me do her hair without all the usual, recent drama tears. I took her temperature under her arm after she'd been asleep for some time. It was 102.8. We were done fooling around.

The admitting nurse asked when she'd had her last does of Tylenol and did not look to happy when we said 12:30 PM. She hadn't really been running a fever, we didn't want to do too much to alter the natural body fighting mechanisms, and we WERE ON OUR WAY TO THE ER!! She said that we should ALWAYS give the Tylenol immediately with that high a fever, in case it spikes higher and she has febral seizures. Great...we're feeling like failures as parents. To top it off our babylou had a 104.6 rectal temp. The nurse added that we needed to add a degree to our underarm temp and that wasn't really the most effective way. Great... add salt to the wound.

We were sent back out to the waiting room with a babe in diapers (to get that fever out) and she was up and happy and waving to everyone. Then we got a bed. I wish we'd stayed in the waiting room until the doc was ready to see us. H did well for a while and hung out on my lap and read a book (note to self: do not take out toys and books from diaper bag; will be needed to entertain during wait).

The screams of the child three beds down started the first round of tears from H (really, they were shrieks of terror) and the next set from the girl across the way didn't help either. Both were children who needed stitches or something done around their eyes and were literally wrapped up in a swaddle pad to avoid them moving and getting more hurt. I think that must have scared the begeezers out of them more than anything! It sure made us sad for them and our little one who decided she'd had enough and wanted to go.

The Dr. arrived shortly after all the screams subsided and listened to her chest, looked in her ears, down her throat, and touched her skin. Nothing wrong. Everything looked great. Except she had a high, high fever and a non-itchy rash that blanched when touched. Roseola was the dx. Give her tylenol and motrin. Leave off the pj's (not going to work since she won't sleep naked -- boy does she have a lot to learn!). It runs it's course in 4-5 days, is a viral infection, and contagious.

Y got the sick day today. Grandma and Auntie Kimber are taking Tuesday. I'll take Wednesday if needed. It's going to be a long week. Poor baby girl.

Nov 4, 2007

Day 4 - Falling Back An Hour

With the worry over H last night we totally forgot we got an extra hour this morning. I don't think I've every forgotten to change my clocks! EVER! Until today... this is what being a mommy is all about. Constant motion, holes in my brain, and forgetting things. Most of this can be attributed to lack of deep sleep. Which was last night being up every 3-4 hours to soothe, feed, and hold a baby whose body was on fire.

I had plans to leave the house this morning at 8:45 AM and decided to keep those despite my lack of enough sleep. H got up at about 7 AM this morning and was seemingly happy, uninterested in eating, but giggly and smiley. So I showered, got dressed, and was literally on my way out the door calling my mom to let her know I was leaving. She was somewhat confused and asked me where I was going at 7:45 AM. Oh my gosh!!! I totally had forgotten the clocks and we were all up and ready to go. : )

We decided to head to a new place I discovered for yummy breakfast. H sat in her high chair and studied the menu that she had picked up from the table. When the waitress came over, she looked up at her, gave her her order, pointed to the menu, and looked up again for confirmation. She was SO CUTE! We do not eat out that much but she totally knew what to do.

I lost the extra hour of sleep this morning, but my sweet baby girl was ready for bed at 6 PM tonight, especially because she did not nap at all. Even with car rides around town didn't help her settle down. So we watched a video, had a bath, and played, so at 7 PM (the new hour) she was out within minutes and will hopefully last 12 hours. Now, I get my hour back to work on my online class and lesson plans. Maybe I'll get to sleep soon too.

Nov 3, 2007

Day 3 - Birthday Party Fun

We attended our friends son's 2nd birthday party today, which is really the first one Hadarya has gone too since being old enough to somewhat get it and enjoy it. She LOVED the jumpy tower with a slide. She loved looking at the other kids and having me stand with her inside and jump together. She slid down by herself and giggled at the end. We spent close to 45 minutes in the jumpy house.

She snacked a little and sat watching the pinata until it got to be too much for her and she just had to participate. So we let her...she really just wanted to touch it and pull of the tissue paper to eat. She was happy to pick up two lollipops when the pinata broke and munch on the sticks. So far she doesn't understand the sweet sticky flavors of candy yet. We hope to hold on to that for a long time!

She snuggled into my arms at the party and fell asleep for a late afternoon was only about 30 minutes but I should have known that something was wrong. She usually fights me to do that, especially at a party and she was getting a little whiny. She also did not eat a lot nor drink from a bottle or sippy cup, her usual amount.

She fell asleep in my arms at 6:30 while we were getting milk for her. We got home and her body was so hot. She went to bed with close to 103 fever. I am so sad when she is so sick. There are no other signs of illness, at least yet. I hope we are not in for a winter of sickness. She had an incredibly healthy 1st year! Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better, healthier day for my lovebug.

Nov 2, 2007

Day 2 - Celebrating My Birthday

I love to celebrate my birthday. It's such a great excuse to get my friends together and hang out. In our busy lives we seem to mostly make time for each other when there is a crisis or a celebration. It seems much more difficult to do the in between.

Since becoming a mom (a year ago) I have now had 2 birthdays and they don't seem so important anymore. There is so much going on that my birthday seems to sneak up on me and I just don't have the time or energy to do anything about planning something.

This year was no different. So last night at 6:30 we decided to have just family over for a really nice, leisurely Shabbat dinner. I went to work as usual and my day proceeded rather calmly until my sister and mother showed up with lunch and riled up my 1st graders by announcing that it was my birthday. The kids got soooo excited. We then celebrated by having cupcakes at the end of the day.

The evening dinner was delicious and I got to sit most of the time and not clear or serve or clean up. We laughed, told stories, and had a grand time together. It was a wonderful evening. What I did get to do was enjoy some luvin time with my baby girl. My baby girl who gave me the ultimate in birthday presents.

She WALKED unassisted for several steps, thus qualifying her as a walker. It was awesome. She is very proud of herself and falls over when she is done onto her head like she is doing a head stand. She waits until I help her feet over her head into a sommersault and that makes her smiles broadly. Tomorrow is going to be amazing watching her confidence boom as she attempts more and more walking. Now, if she'd only sleep until 9 AM!

Nov 1, 2007

Day 1 - Because I Didn't Have Enough To Do

It's hard not to take a challenge on and while I could probably have found plenty of them in my daily life to tackle, I decided to add something to my pretty full plate. Really, the truth is, that aaryn inspires me to be more than I can be and do more than I can do. It's really my fault because I read her blog instead of writing lesson plans or grading papers or going to sleep at a reasonable hour and that has led me to join her in this quest of blogging.

The month of November is National Blog Posting Month. The challenge is to write everyday and post it on your blog. So here I am at 10:24 PM on November 1st starting this journey. For my faithful readers, you might get more than you bargained for when you are looking for updates on my cutie pie as I am going to try to expand this a little bit to include other interesting topics.

But the first day has to include the cuteness that is my daughter as she has suddenly, in the last week, put it together to blow kisses. Before the couple of days she would put her hand on her mouth for quite a while and then throw the kiss long after the recipient looked away. Then she added the sound effect of, "mmmmmmmMA" and in the last day or so it all goes together and she lovingly throws that heartfelt kiss to anyone one who dares smile at her and chat her up. She is great at doing it "on command" and will throw a kiss if asked in English or Hebrew. Yep, she's a cutie pie that continues to amaze and astound me every day.

Oct 28, 2007

A Week of Firsts

This forced vacation from work due to the horrific fires in our county gave us a great opportunity to spend a lot of quality time as a family and our immediate family. Through the haze came many wonderful moments and lots of firsts in our house.

Hadarya really took off on eating this week. She LOVES red and orange bell peppers. She tested tomato (probably because it looks like peppers!). She ate tater tots and a grilled cheese sandwich (thanks Jen and Scott). She chomped on broccoli stalks, both the tree part (which got stuck between her two bottom teeth and the stalk. She gobbled up meatball. She also tried her first french fries at Islands. She loved
mango and mint gelato but the dark chocolate her favorite. Today she ate Boca Chicken Nuggets and would have eaten much more if given the chance!

Hadarya has been sure footed for a while but has not really stood on her own for an extended amount of time nor taken steps without holding on. She will walk, very quickly I might add, holding on to your hand or both hands, but not on her own. In the last few days we've created an environment that supports her walking and gives her the freedom to try on her own without being too scary. She is just moments away from taking off!! She will walk between us a few steps knowing our arms are up to grab on to if she needs. She stood at the couch today and let go and then toddled a few steps into the unknown. She is gaining confidence right before our eyes and it's so amazing to see.

Today she began to show a mischievous side that is going to keep us on our toes. She was playing in the kitchen while Yiftach did the dishes. She has a tupperware cabinet to play in and he gave her a couple of granola bars to play with in the wrapper. She loved the crinkle sounds they made. I went to take a shower in the guest bathroom (ants invaded ours) and heard her coming down the hall while I was cleaning up her bath toys to make room for my feet. She stopped short of the door and began talking to herself and making some noise. This was unusual, as she LOVES the bathroom and could see the light underneath, yet she did not pound on the door.

She was happy hanging out, so I didn't think anything of it. I heard Yiftach yell for her and I yelled back that she was by the bathroom. Then I heard him say something about Oh no and this is not for you, some of which was in Hebrew.

So, I opened the door and there sits my angel with half of a chocolate chip granola bar in her hand and a bite in her mouth. Boy was she having fun! It was clearly time for breakfast and since we did not give it to her in a timely manner, she took matters into her own hands.

We let her have 1/2 of the piece in her hand, put the rest away for another day, and sat her in seat for a real breakfast of cheerios, apples, cheese, and chocolate chip pancakes (it was Sunday breakfast after all!)

Oct 24, 2007

Light Through a Smoky Haze

What a week this has been in our home! Sunday night we were preparing for my first week back teaching after a 2-week fall break and lots of things happening every day. We flipped on the TV to catch up on the fire and were shocked to see an out of control situation, numerous evacuations, and reports of the fire moving southwest overnight towards our area. That was enough for us to pack up diaper bags and food for each of our cars in case something happened during the day and we were unable to get home. We made sure to each have enough things for the baby and then packed a bag for ourselves.

We went to bed late and didn't sleep well. The news we woke up to was not so good. The fire had not come in our direction but was raging across the entire Northern part of our county. It didn't take long for schools to be closed and people to be told to stay indoors.

So due to this horrific event we ended up with a "vacation" of sorts together as a family. Looking back, it's been a wonderful time spent reading, organizing cabinets, doing laundry, and being together. Hadarya is close to walking...she is just scared to do it on her own, but will walk holding on to one hand and is very proud of herself. She blows kisses with sound effects. She says her name: Hada. She has gotten very good at imitating our sounds and words too. She drinks mostly from a sippy cup during the day and we are working on eliminating the extra nighttime bottle.

She made it through her 1 year checkup with 5 shots and no aftereffects! The only thing that is slightly of are her naps, as there are only so many times you can play with the same toys and wear yourself out. We went to the indoor mall a few times and she rode the carousel for the first time (and LOVED it!) and played on the indoor play area until the big (too big, too old, too tall) kids got too rough in the small area and we had to leave before she got squashed. It has been a great family bonding week and time to be together that we don't make enough time for regularly .

But in the beginning, it was terrifying to live moment to moment glued to the TV and wondering how people's lives were being changed. Over 1/2 million people were evacuated and close to 2,000 homes destroyed. It's going to take a long time to recover from this week of mother nature reminding us who is in control.

We continue to pray for the safety and well being of the firefighters and volunteers who are risking their lives to save others. We pray that those who lost their homes will be able to see the light through the smoky haze and know that they are alive and the community is supporting them.

Oct 16, 2007

She knows she turned 1

I don't have any idea how this is possible, but Hadarya knows she is 1. She knows she is no longer a "baby" and that she can do "big girl" things. In the last two weeks things have changed dramatically.

The biggest change has been in eating. Prior to turning 1 she was not so keen on taking a bottle at SDSU and would drink about 1/2 of the amounts offered. She still ate lots of baby food and played around with the idea of table food. She actually played with it and sometimes it made it in and what she liked yesterday she didn't like today.

Then she got sick... again...two days after turning 1 and ran a 102 temp. She slept with us as her crib made her scream and squirm and she was totally unhappy. A trip to the doctor yielded a not totally cleared up ear infection but no other issues. So, we had ourselves an antibiotic chaser of 3 doses that lasts up to 10 days in her body. She muddled through another night in our bed and laying around the house and not being quite herself for two more days.

Mind you, during this time she increased her bottle intake of formula, we took her off the milk we started and stopped cheese and yogurt, and she didn't like table food nor baby food so much. The doctor had suggested doing formula in a sippy cup instead of the bottle to help the ear part... but she wouldn't touch it that way. So we bottled it and she took more and more and more than she has in a long time.

Then came Sunday and her birthday party. She was an amazing 1 year old who actually enjoyed herself immensely. See the previous post for details.

AND so came Monday and a return to SDSU and a totally changed child in her eating habits. She drank entire 6 oz bottles there the last two days and a 4 oz in between. On Monday alone, between Midnight and Midnight she consumed 26 oz of formula alone! PLUS she ate table food somewhat yesterday and didn't really want her jar of food for dinner. Today she ate everything given to her of the table food and did not have one jar of baby food.

SHE KNOWS PEOPLE.... SHE KNOWS. She wolfed down a veggie burger (all natural, vegan, taste tested at Costco first and DELICIOUS). She drank 4 oz of regular milk from a sippy cup and all of her bottles. We are working on the bottle thing, but she is back to being healthy and hungry!!

SO my baby is no longer my baby. She eats table food. She drinks out of a cup. She plays spontaneous Peek-A-Boo if you ask her in Hebrew or English "Where is Hadarya?" She buries her head down wherever she is and pops up with a noise to let you know she is there. She is exploring her tongue and its attachment to her mouth by sticking it out a lot and touching hers and yours if you will let her. She moves it around and makes smacking noises. She blows kisses if you ask and waves good-bye when asked in Hebrew and English.

We are truly a year old. I miss my baby who sat still in my lap and hung out BUT I revel in my inquisitive, curious, funny, girl who hugs, belly laughs at ANYTHING, and is smart smart smart. Sigh.

Oct 15, 2007

The Party

Hadarya had many birthday celebrations just as any child should!! We love to celebrate. After her family party on her actual birthday, we celebrated with our friends at the park on a beautiful sunny day. We were a little worried because it rained a lot the day before but we were not disappointed. Sunscreen and hats were needed in order to protect ourselves during the fun.

Hadarya is our miracle child and has completely spoiled us for the rest who have yet to join our family. She was an amazing center of attention at the park with 14 of her little friends and 40 adults. She never cried. She never pouted. She never slept.

She played. She swung on the swings. She played with her cousins Marsha and Wayne. She hung out on the grass with the bubbles and balls. She sat with her friend Ruby on the wall and munched animal crackers. She slid down the slide with Aidin and Rachel watching. She had a blast! She even enjoyed everyone singing to her and smiled at the crowd. She fought off sleeping until every last bit of the party was packed in the car, including her! Then she let go and took a 3 1/2 hour nap. We are so lucky to have so many amazing friends and family who helped us celebrate our beautiful daughter.

Thank you to you all for being part of our lives. We love you all very much!

Oct 9, 2007

The Birthday Girl

Our baby girl turned 1 yesterday. We were so busy we forgot to post her delicious photo and party pictures. She is 29 inches long, 22.5 pounds, and very very healthy in all aspects. We couldn't be any more thrilled with our love girl. Hadarya's birthday fell on the first day of my 2-week fall break and boy did I have fun over doing it for her cake. I baked a gorgeous butterfly cake decorated incredibly well for the guests at our family dinner and a 3-D teddy bear cake for the love bug. Boy did she like cake and especially the icing. This was the first of 3 celebrations for her tis week and she is just getting the hang of everyone singing Happy Birthday. Be sure to click on the photo link to see the whole birthday album on flickr.

A Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend, right before Hadarya's first birthday, we caved in and let her try many new things.

She had her first chocolate... a tiny tiny piece of a hershey's kiss, which she wasn't so sure of at first but then gobbled the next small piece.

She had her first wine...Ima thought it was grape juice and gave it to her at the kiddush, but as she coughed I realized that it was wine.

She had her first taste of blood... she slipped pulling up on the seat in services and banged what turned out to be her mouth not her head. She screamed bloody murder so I knew it was not so good. Nothing calmed her down. It turned out to be the newest tooth coming in and it was all swollen and bloody. She had not trouble drinking a bottle though and the wine definaitely helped!

We went out for an early birthday celebration dinner on Sunday night and they brought her Mississippi Mud Pie. She loved the whip cream and chocolate sauce. Oh yeah, and the bread!

All this before she turned one on Monday. Will she even like her birthday cake?

Sep 29, 2007


While we waited a long time for the first one to pop, she is not wasting any time with the rest! Three more popped through last week on the top (one front, and two side) and the other front one is very swollen and should come through any time. It is not helping that she also has an ear infection!

It looks like she'll have 6 teeth by the time she's 1! She stands up for several seconds on her own and can walk pushing something with wheels without falling for about 8 steps. Walking is definitely around the corner for this household!

We almost made it a year...

without being sick!

After two nights of raspy sounding breathing, an of day at SDSU, not wanting a bottle, and then pulling on her ear a bit we made a trip to urgent care. It's not exactly how we wanted to spend our Shabbat evening nor did we want our baby to be sick. We also didn't want to be the kind of parents who just run to the Doctor whenever their baby sniffles...yet, we just knew something was off with our girl.

Sure enough, after cleaning out the wax in both ears, Dr. Steele confirmed an ear infection. There was nothing wrong with her chest/breathing, no fever, but a swollen, ear drum with pus for effect. POOR BABY GIRL!!!

Tylenol has helped some and we are waiting for the antibiotics to kick in fully. She's coughing up a storm when she sleeps and just is not her cheerful happy self. Lots of cuddling in her future for the weekend.

Our goal is to get her healthy before her big day next week!

Sep 14, 2007


That is our daughter's first word. Yep... she has spoken clearly and without any doubt and her first word is book. It is an auspicious beginning to the New Year.

It all began on Erev Rosh Hashana while we were at services at TIS. We were sitting behind our friends, Elissa, Davia, and Andrew. Hadarya wanted none of her toys but all of Davia's. So she leaned forward and Elissa offered her a book. She said, "Do you want a book?" and Hadarya said, "book." I looked at Elissa and she confirmed that she heard her say it. But c'mon, she's 11 months old and how could that be her first word?

She seemed to say it again in Savta's company during our lunch but it was not clear enough to discern with all the people around. Today she clearly said it in front of Grandma as she reached for her shelf of books. She said it once, and then about 3 more times. We have a word!

At bath time she was reading her water proof book and she looked up at us and clearly without any distraction said BOOK. No doubt about it. She is talking and my guess is once she starts she is not going to stop.

Sep 10, 2007

Itsy BItsy Spider

How many times can you sing that song without getting bored? I haven't actually counted the number of times in a row I sing it; but I do know that when my darling daughter gets upset (which is rare) in the car or will not settle down in my lap to go to bed at night, I can count on Itsy Bitsy to do the trick. As soon I start singing she stops fussing, crying, or making noise. I do not have any idea what she likes about the tune or why that works so well. I can sometimes switch to Row, Row, Row your Boat or A You're Adorable. But usually it's just the spider.

The other night I sang it with different words so that Yiftach would hear me over the monitor and bring me a bottle to feed her. Then I needed the crib put down. SO the song went like this:

The Itsy Bitsy Baby woke up from her sleep.
Her Ima cuddled her while Aba made a bottle.
Then Aba came and put the cribside down
And the Itsy Bitsy Baby slept through the rest of the night!

She loved it and it only took Yiftach about 8 versions to realize I needed him!

Sep 3, 2007

Cutest Thing EVER

My daughter of course! We have had a super duper weekend of snuggling, sleeping in (8:30 AM on Shabbat!), and hanging out. She is so much fun and does the cutest things. There are way too many to list so those of you out of town should start making travel plans to visit this amazing person who has blessed our lives.

We could not possibly list all the things that make her unique, special, beautiful, talented, intelligent, cute, funny, and adorable. BUT this is one of our favorite things to do... stare at her when she is asleep. Therefore we are privvy to some very cute poses she accomplishes in her dream world and just had to share the latest. Enjoy!

Aug 31, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So the month flew by and while I imagined all I'd write about our month, it never happened. I've gotten sucked back into the full time work force, in 1st grade (not 4th or middle school) and that means I have essentially started a brand new job. The last two weeks of August flew by as we've been settling into a routine for all of us with daycare and work full-time.

Hadarya had a very nice transition into daycare this summer over 6 weeks. She attended SDSU's Children's Center for 1/2 days 3 times a week in July. Then we moved to full days 3 days a week for the beginning of August. We made the decision to do full time 5 days a week when Jenn went back to work August 13th. Even though Grandma Bonnie still wants to see her every single day, Hadarya is much too busy and wears her out. We wanted Grandma to enjoy Grandma time and not feel like the nanny. We also knew we needed to have a back up. If we didn't try full-time someone else would have taken the spot.

Hadarya handled the transition into daycare way better than Ima did. She is very, very busy every day. She has begun drinking more of her bottles during the day, but it is a struggle. She is just to distracted by her new friends and all the things to do to be bothered with eating! Both the head of the infant cottage (Michelle) and the master teacher (Alyssa) have told us on several occasions that Hadarya is busy, busy, busy. A little busier than most. We have no complaints. She is happy, joyful, and smiles all the time at everyone. She shows little or no stranger anxiety. She does not cry or whine when we leave her or just because during the day at SDSU (unlike many others!). SO if she misses a bottle here and there or eats a little less during the day...her waistline won't complain and she's just a happy camper, which is so important to us.

1st grade is keeping Jenn very busy too with lots of new things. The best new thing is the load of coloring and singing she does every day! Hadarya will benefit from all the new cd's with great songs for her to listen too also. It is becoming easier to find a rhythm to our days. Our job's are more jobs now and when it is finished, it is Hadarya time.

Whew! We haven't even got to the holidays yet.

Aug 9, 2007

Napping Success!!

I did it! Well, Hadarya did it really but with my persistence. She is sound asleep in HER CRIB for a morning nap. After a week of little cat naps and driving around to sleep, I am actually in my house with a sleeping baby and getting things together so I don't feel so crazy when I go back to school on Monday.

I think I have her daycare to thank for the napping or maybe I should rethink the thanks part since she napped fine before daycare and now I had to relearn how she likes to nap thanks to daycare!

H spent yesterday afternoon at SDSU for the first time and fell asleep for an afternoon nap at 3. Pick up is at 4 and I arrived at 3:30 to see how things were going. She was the only one asleep and so I sat in the nap room with her until the hubub of pick up was complete and I could either wake her to go home or hope she stayed asleep. Either way she'd have at least an hour of a nap.

The nap room is not as dark as I thought it was and they play music quite loud. I am sure it's to somewhat drown out the noise of the awake kids in the adjoining room. They put a blanket over H and she smushes her luvee into face so she cannot really see anything but darkness if per chance she were to open her eyes.

I tried the same technique today (well she does the smushing on her own) and it worked! Music from the mobile (mozart) and a light blanket over her body near her head and the luvee with the pacifier. I patted her back for about 3 minutes and she is out.

I have folded laundry, run a load, cleaned out my dresser drawers, filled a huge bag of giveaway clothes, and am now going to tackle the kitchen. Ahhh... it's been a great morning!

Aug 8, 2007


Hadarya blows raspberries. Frequently. Just because. On the changing table. Laying backwards on the boppy. It's so cute! I have no idea where she learned it from as we blow on her belly a lot but not openly with our mouths. I think her Doda Shlomit taught her this weekend when we were in LA for Dod Dave's MBA graduation party.

We were in the car driving to dinner and Hadarya and Doda Shlomit were sitting in the backseat. I heard raspberry noises and asked Shlomit if she was blowing them at Hadarya. It sounded very cute and I liked how playful she was being with her! She responded, "well, she started it!" Hmmmm... isn't that a learned behavior? : )

Aug 7, 2007

Afternoons Riding in My Car

I don't usually post anything negative or rarely things that make me frustrated. I work through them. I call someone. I cry. BUT this one has been enough! My lovely, beautiful, darling daughter no longer will take an afternoon nap in her crib.

It has been about 4 days now and she will zonk out in the car wherever we are right on schedule; between 2 and 2:30. WOO HOO! I am golden for at least an hour but probably 1 1/2 or 2 to hang out, cook dinner, do laundry or scrapbook. NOT in any way, shape or form.

Last week, my tired baby girl woke up after the transfer to her crib. I knew she was still very tired, so after about 10 minutes of letting her try to go back to sleep ( in which she just played in her crib with her toys) I put her back in the car seat. It took a ride on the 125 South to 8 West just before the College Exit, and she was out. SO, I followed my advice that I had given to Sam when Jarrah arrived and drove to a shady spot under a tree in a park. There I sat with the A/C going and talked to my sister, whom I had picked up on the way. We left an hour later with a still sleeping baby who stayed asleep for 30 more minutes in the carseat at home.

Just a fluke, I thought. An off day. Something different being with Ima all day. Then it happened on Friday. And Monday. And Tuesday. By today I had had enough. She was zonked out and tired (not cranky or whiny at all) but I needed her to sleep so I could have a break too!

After sleeping in the car on the way home from the Wild Animal Park, she was wide-eyed. She then fell back asleep on the short ride home from frozen yogurt, only to awake when we pulled into the garage. So, I rocked her and held her and she was closed eyes and all. BUT put her in the crib and she is wide awake! She played for 40 minutes and then I had had it. I put her in the car at 3:30 PM and within 4 minutes she was fast asleep. She slept for an hour, through a trip to Babies R Us to buy a Snug Glider, and back home again.

I am hoping that the cool Snug Glider will do the trick and her afternoon naps will be in the car seat from now on. It is a frame to snap on the car seat and it moves like a swing with vibration. I hope it feels like the car. It certainly will be cheaper than the gasoline I use and give me more freedom to do something other than sit in my new car... which isn't so bad either.

Making my Ima a Liar

At 10 months old my daughter is becoming quite adept at making me out to be a liar about her skills and accomplishments. Once a month we have a nurse from the county come out to visit and check on her development, growth, and skills. For the last two visits she has asked all sorts of questions to which I respond, "no, she doesn't do that yet," and then voila! Hadarya does it within hours or within days!! Then I began to think, maybe I hadn't noticed she did all these things and the questions just made me realize it. If I could only get the questions ahead of time...

Nissa came to visit on Tuesday, July 31st. As of today, August 7th (one week later) Hadarya does all of the following that she could not do (or I didn't know about last week!).

She crawls. She pulls herself up on our shelves. She pulls herself up to standing in her crib. She pulls herself up on the couch. She clearly says mamamama and dadadadada. She easily and quickly feeds herself finger food. She can pick up bananas on her tray. She has been able to go from sitting to her belly and belly to sitting for awhile. NOW, she does it so fast you miss it. It's the first thing she does when she wakes up. No more laying and relaxing on her back!

She has discovered the shelves on the entertainment center and loves to pull off her books. She has found herself in the glass doors of the cabinet and can open them and close them. She turns on her music herself in her crib. She can roll a ball to you and play.

The only thing she doesn't really do yet, is wave good-bye. BUT she will give you a hug and a kiss.

Aug 3, 2007

Creepy Crawler

Just shy of 10 months old Hadarya decided to crawl at 5 PM, August 2 , 2007.

She has been getting on her knees for a few months now and scooting backwards. She rolly polly's all over and has begun scooting on her bottom to places she wants to go. But she really likes to stand and hold on, so crawling was not a priority for our love.

Well yesterday she was playing with her toys while I was in the kitchen. I was looking over at her and she kind of was unnoticeable in the corner by the TV (her books are there in a beautiful rack with her name on it--Thanks Cousin Marsha!). It appeared that she put one hand out and then the other forward and then hopped her two legs in forward motion. So I got excited and she didn't do it again when I gave her more room. Later on we were in my room where I was blow drying my hair. She moved from sitting to belly and got up to go on her knees. I would swear that she moved one hand, one knee, one hand, and the other knee. OH MY GOSH... but then when she saw me looking, she stopped and smiled and laughed. C'est La Vie... it will happen.

So we (Auntie Kimber, Hadarya and I) were sitting on the ground in the family room playing. Hadarya was trying to pull up on her rainforest gym (not recalled!) and found herself in the doors of the video cabinet. She began waving at herself and then made a beeline for the photo album. AND SHE CRAWLED THERE! I grabbed my sister's arm after several motions by Hadarya and then moved her back to see it again. AND SHE PERFORMED! She went forward again. and again. and again. My creepy crawler was on the move!

We are very excited and very scared. Here we go with a mobile child. I hope we enjoyed these 10 months enough! She seems to want to move now for something rather than just moving to move. So, maybe we are safe for awhile?!

Jul 31, 2007


It's been a busy few weeks since Hadarya became 9 months old and we've done so many new things. The best was the beach. We packed ourselves up early Sunday morning and drove to Coronado and met friends before 9 AM. We schlepped a sleeping baby in a car seat miles in the sand to reach our destination, a cooler of drinks and food, a beach bag filled to the brim, and went back to the car for the chairs and umbrellas. It was so worth it!

Hadarya LOVED the beach. She had so much fun we can't wait to go back again. When she woke up she looked around and smiled the biggest smile ever. We plopped her on the ground on a towel and gave her toy. She played for a few minutes and then scooted herself to a spot where she could mush the sand. SO, off she moved to be right in the thick of things. She found the sand fun, the seaweed not so tasty, and laughed at the things her friends Davia and Aidin did. She could have cared less that there was grainy sand all over her leg and body.

We then scooped up the kids and went to the water. She was thrilled to be sitting in a big bathtub! She splashed and patted the water. She tolerated the pull of the wave on her standing feet and the sensation of the sand moving. She would have stayed all day! We even dipped her in the water to wash off the sand and that made her laugh.

We bundled her up and dried her off with a towel and she sat content on our laps. It was clearly exhausting doing all that playing and we were not surprised when she fell right asleep in the car!

Jul 23, 2007

On the go Weekend Fun

One busy weekend that left me ready for a day off to recover! BUT so much fun.

Yiftach was the "rabbi" at Tifereth Israel this weekend as the regular was in Israel. So we went to services both Friday night and Saturday morning. Hadarya loves services. She loves the Hebrew. She loves the Torah. She loves being in the environment. It certainly helps that she flashes her cutie patootie smile at anyone and everyone too.

After services, we came home and spent a wonderful late afternoon shabbat with Doda Shlomit, Savta, and cousin Jonah. Eating a yummy lunch in which Hadarya tried Savta's carrot and chicken from the soup. They were a big hit! She loved them. Well, she loves any food and so far has not refused anything as evidenced by her lovely belly!

We then spent some time in the pool in which Hadarya loves to go under and "swim" on her belly. There are lots of photos at the flickr site.

On Sunday we were treated to a marvelous visit with Cousin Janis and Jim from Arizona. Hadarya dressed in her Phoenix Suns outfit from them with tennis shoes and looked quite the cheerleader! We went out for lunch, took a couple of nice walks, played, and got some new toys. Hadarya is now the owner of a delightful set of pots and pans that sing the ABC's and talk to you about what color pan is in the pot and which one is out. She completely loves this toy; especially the noise it makes when she bangs them together! She also has a "walker" that becomes a scooter and she is fascinated by the movement it does when she pushes on it. She is quite adept at walking with holding on to our hands and it's only going to be a short time when she walks with this.

What a fantastic time and great to see so much family!

Jul 11, 2007

9 months old

It's unbelievable that Hadarya is 9 months old! How did that happen? I cannot wrap my mind around how time seems to go so quickly. She gets more and more beautiful every day and her personality is extremely delightful.

At 9 months old my daughter has many accomplishments:

1. She broke her first tooth two weeks ago (and boy is it sharp!) Note to self: DO NOT stick your finger inside for a chomp.
2. She does this adorable head tilt to say hello and I love you and in general to get your attention. She knows it will get her huge smiles and laughs.
3. She became a rolly polly last night, doing multiple rolls over and over again and back. She must have entertained herself for 20 minutes rolling around with no specific purpose in mind.
4. She can walk holding onto our hands.
5. She sometimes attempts to pull herself up but is not proficient at that yet. (Thank goodness...we'd really have to move the mattress in her bed down!)
6. She loves loves loves music.
7. Her Leap Frog table is a source of delight and joy for extended periods.
8. She is fascinated with anything that has eyes in it. She stares into the eyes and gets frustrated when they don't respond! Her favorite is a frog that has flashcards attached. She also loves her puppy push toy that she rolls all over the place.
9. She holds her own bottle...well, when she wants to.
10. She holds her arms up to be held or picked up, with the cutest look that no one can resist.

Hadarya Tali you are a joy and delight in our lives!

Jul 9, 2007

Good Luck Charm

I know I go on and on about my good natured, happy, smiley daughter. No apologies. We are blessed with this angel in our lives and she is all about changing the lives of those she meets.

Last night we went to cousin Michael's baseball all-star game. It was right in Santee and close to the house so that made it easy Hadarya fell asleep at 7:04 in her crib with her lovey and pacifier. We scooped her up at 7:20 and put her in the car and headed out. She stayed zonked out in the stroller through two innings and loud cheering.

Then she woke up. She opened her big brown eyes and tried to figure out where she was. I held her and she twirled her head around at the noise and shook a little with the cold air. But she wasn't crying and she wasn't upset. Just figuring it all out.

Michael came up to bat and his team was behind. We called to him to notice Hadarya and his eyes lit up the night. He wandered over to the fence to say hello to her and she reached through the wire to touch him and smiled. She had not smiled since waking up!

Michael went on to hit a double and steal third base. His team was powered up and began hitting and scoring...winning the game and advancing to the next level.

The power of touch and a smile. Boy did she make Michael's night!

Then he got up there and smacked the heck out of that ball for a double and went on to steal thrid.

Jul 5, 2007

The Unbearbale Cuteness of Our Daughter

My favorite photos of Hadarya taken last weekend on our trip to Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and Foster City, CA visiting Nana and Saba, Igor, Sivan, and Eytan, and Aunt Judy and Uncle Ron.

Nana and Saba:

This is Hadarya's way of saying Hello! I Love you! (she will do this in response to your greeting or if she is seeking your attention because she thinks she is being ignored and she knows no one can resist a side head tilt!)

Igor, Eytan, Yiftach, and Hadarya:

Aunt Judy and Uncle Ron:

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

So, all I'll say is WOW. My husband is an amazing photographer and I am so in love with my daughter, I cannot say enough about it. Enjoy!

Jul 4, 2007

No Planning Made for a FANTASTIC Day!

Happy 4th of July...which meant something totally different this year for many different reasons. #1 -- we have a baby. #2 -- the holiday was on a Wednesday; hence no long weekend to get away. #3 -- most of our close friends were out of town or had other plans. So we just never made plans. We just got busy with our regular lives and being out of town last weekend. LIFE just got in our way of making a big deal out of the 4th and quite frankly our disgust with politics, government, and treatment of those defending our country just didn't have us in the traditional July 4th party mood.

BUT never fear, because our unplanned day was remarkable, thanks to Lisa and Animal Crackers, and flexible Grandparents.

We had a picnic in the park with our play group for adoptive parents and kids who meet every week on Wednesday mornings, but I can never go because I work. Lisa had the fortuitous idea to still get together and include the hubbies! Dinosaur Park was filled with our 10 families and their kids. Good food, great company, and lots of laughs started our day off well beyond anything we could have tried to plan. AND our little Miss???? She slept through most of it! But when she awoke, she had a blast.

We then had lunch with Savta and walked around the beach at Coronado and took in the sun, the sea, and the masses of people. The day was beautiful and warm and Hadarya snoozed again! We had a wonderful time just hanging out. Savta had a new toy for Hadarya to play with... the classic Fischer Price toy where you push, pull, turn a knob and an animal pops up. You push it down and start all over again. H figured it out pretty quickly and loved sitting on Savta's balcony with the gorgeous flowers trying to make it work.

We ended our day with dinner with Grandma and Grandpa at our house and a bath in our new ducky tub. Hadarya showed off her standing legs at her Leap Frog table, pulled the buttons to make music for them, and showered Grandma with head tilts. (Her lovely way of saying hello, I Love you!) She went to bed at 7 and we enjoyed a nice adult dinner and conversation with my parents. No fireworks for us this year, but it didn't matter. We could see them in the eyes of our daughter all day long and our parents when they played with her. Who needs the loud ones that go boom?

Jul 2, 2007

First Day ~ at SDSU. . .

Well, not really college yet, but if she keeps learning so fast, she'll be ready in no time at all!

Hadarya started daycare at the Children's Center at SDSU today. She is going M-W-F from 8 AM - Noon for the month of July. Then she'll go until 4 PM when I return to work in August. Grandma plays with her Tuesday and Thursday.

I started summer school the same day and was so busy as the site lead (acting Principal) that I did not have time to worry about my daughter. Which would have been wasted energy anyway!

Hadarya was amazing. Yiftach took her at 8 AM and stayed with her playing for about 20 minutes and said good-bye. She hardly noticed. According to Miss Alissa, she ate breakfast with gusto sitting at the table on a chair and then got a little whiny about 9. (She got up at 6 AM, so naptime was just around the corner!).

Sure enough, into the nap room, onto her cot with her lovey and pacifier, and she rolled over and slept for two hours! She woke up without a fuss and was so intrigued by her surroundings she didn't want a bottle.

Yiftach went over about 11:45 and I arrived at 12:02 and she was happy as could be, busy as could be, and having a ton of fun.

Most of the other kids were napping so there were only about 4 awake at this time. Lots of one on one attention, which is lovely. She was ready for other people and stimulation and she is going to have so much fun.

The quality in this program is bar none and worth every penny we are going to spend for her care. She has access to toys that are different, books that are different, and a huge outside play area where the kids spend time every day. The best part is the care given to her by the loving teachers who are all child development majors and who know so much about kids.

So far so good...we can't wait for her friend Davia to come back from vacation and be there to play with!