Aug 31, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So the month flew by and while I imagined all I'd write about our month, it never happened. I've gotten sucked back into the full time work force, in 1st grade (not 4th or middle school) and that means I have essentially started a brand new job. The last two weeks of August flew by as we've been settling into a routine for all of us with daycare and work full-time.

Hadarya had a very nice transition into daycare this summer over 6 weeks. She attended SDSU's Children's Center for 1/2 days 3 times a week in July. Then we moved to full days 3 days a week for the beginning of August. We made the decision to do full time 5 days a week when Jenn went back to work August 13th. Even though Grandma Bonnie still wants to see her every single day, Hadarya is much too busy and wears her out. We wanted Grandma to enjoy Grandma time and not feel like the nanny. We also knew we needed to have a back up. If we didn't try full-time someone else would have taken the spot.

Hadarya handled the transition into daycare way better than Ima did. She is very, very busy every day. She has begun drinking more of her bottles during the day, but it is a struggle. She is just to distracted by her new friends and all the things to do to be bothered with eating! Both the head of the infant cottage (Michelle) and the master teacher (Alyssa) have told us on several occasions that Hadarya is busy, busy, busy. A little busier than most. We have no complaints. She is happy, joyful, and smiles all the time at everyone. She shows little or no stranger anxiety. She does not cry or whine when we leave her or just because during the day at SDSU (unlike many others!). SO if she misses a bottle here and there or eats a little less during the day...her waistline won't complain and she's just a happy camper, which is so important to us.

1st grade is keeping Jenn very busy too with lots of new things. The best new thing is the load of coloring and singing she does every day! Hadarya will benefit from all the new cd's with great songs for her to listen too also. It is becoming easier to find a rhythm to our days. Our job's are more jobs now and when it is finished, it is Hadarya time.

Whew! We haven't even got to the holidays yet.

Aug 9, 2007

Napping Success!!

I did it! Well, Hadarya did it really but with my persistence. She is sound asleep in HER CRIB for a morning nap. After a week of little cat naps and driving around to sleep, I am actually in my house with a sleeping baby and getting things together so I don't feel so crazy when I go back to school on Monday.

I think I have her daycare to thank for the napping or maybe I should rethink the thanks part since she napped fine before daycare and now I had to relearn how she likes to nap thanks to daycare!

H spent yesterday afternoon at SDSU for the first time and fell asleep for an afternoon nap at 3. Pick up is at 4 and I arrived at 3:30 to see how things were going. She was the only one asleep and so I sat in the nap room with her until the hubub of pick up was complete and I could either wake her to go home or hope she stayed asleep. Either way she'd have at least an hour of a nap.

The nap room is not as dark as I thought it was and they play music quite loud. I am sure it's to somewhat drown out the noise of the awake kids in the adjoining room. They put a blanket over H and she smushes her luvee into face so she cannot really see anything but darkness if per chance she were to open her eyes.

I tried the same technique today (well she does the smushing on her own) and it worked! Music from the mobile (mozart) and a light blanket over her body near her head and the luvee with the pacifier. I patted her back for about 3 minutes and she is out.

I have folded laundry, run a load, cleaned out my dresser drawers, filled a huge bag of giveaway clothes, and am now going to tackle the kitchen. Ahhh... it's been a great morning!

Aug 8, 2007


Hadarya blows raspberries. Frequently. Just because. On the changing table. Laying backwards on the boppy. It's so cute! I have no idea where she learned it from as we blow on her belly a lot but not openly with our mouths. I think her Doda Shlomit taught her this weekend when we were in LA for Dod Dave's MBA graduation party.

We were in the car driving to dinner and Hadarya and Doda Shlomit were sitting in the backseat. I heard raspberry noises and asked Shlomit if she was blowing them at Hadarya. It sounded very cute and I liked how playful she was being with her! She responded, "well, she started it!" Hmmmm... isn't that a learned behavior? : )

Aug 7, 2007

Afternoons Riding in My Car

I don't usually post anything negative or rarely things that make me frustrated. I work through them. I call someone. I cry. BUT this one has been enough! My lovely, beautiful, darling daughter no longer will take an afternoon nap in her crib.

It has been about 4 days now and she will zonk out in the car wherever we are right on schedule; between 2 and 2:30. WOO HOO! I am golden for at least an hour but probably 1 1/2 or 2 to hang out, cook dinner, do laundry or scrapbook. NOT in any way, shape or form.

Last week, my tired baby girl woke up after the transfer to her crib. I knew she was still very tired, so after about 10 minutes of letting her try to go back to sleep ( in which she just played in her crib with her toys) I put her back in the car seat. It took a ride on the 125 South to 8 West just before the College Exit, and she was out. SO, I followed my advice that I had given to Sam when Jarrah arrived and drove to a shady spot under a tree in a park. There I sat with the A/C going and talked to my sister, whom I had picked up on the way. We left an hour later with a still sleeping baby who stayed asleep for 30 more minutes in the carseat at home.

Just a fluke, I thought. An off day. Something different being with Ima all day. Then it happened on Friday. And Monday. And Tuesday. By today I had had enough. She was zonked out and tired (not cranky or whiny at all) but I needed her to sleep so I could have a break too!

After sleeping in the car on the way home from the Wild Animal Park, she was wide-eyed. She then fell back asleep on the short ride home from frozen yogurt, only to awake when we pulled into the garage. So, I rocked her and held her and she was closed eyes and all. BUT put her in the crib and she is wide awake! She played for 40 minutes and then I had had it. I put her in the car at 3:30 PM and within 4 minutes she was fast asleep. She slept for an hour, through a trip to Babies R Us to buy a Snug Glider, and back home again.

I am hoping that the cool Snug Glider will do the trick and her afternoon naps will be in the car seat from now on. It is a frame to snap on the car seat and it moves like a swing with vibration. I hope it feels like the car. It certainly will be cheaper than the gasoline I use and give me more freedom to do something other than sit in my new car... which isn't so bad either.

Making my Ima a Liar

At 10 months old my daughter is becoming quite adept at making me out to be a liar about her skills and accomplishments. Once a month we have a nurse from the county come out to visit and check on her development, growth, and skills. For the last two visits she has asked all sorts of questions to which I respond, "no, she doesn't do that yet," and then voila! Hadarya does it within hours or within days!! Then I began to think, maybe I hadn't noticed she did all these things and the questions just made me realize it. If I could only get the questions ahead of time...

Nissa came to visit on Tuesday, July 31st. As of today, August 7th (one week later) Hadarya does all of the following that she could not do (or I didn't know about last week!).

She crawls. She pulls herself up on our shelves. She pulls herself up to standing in her crib. She pulls herself up on the couch. She clearly says mamamama and dadadadada. She easily and quickly feeds herself finger food. She can pick up bananas on her tray. She has been able to go from sitting to her belly and belly to sitting for awhile. NOW, she does it so fast you miss it. It's the first thing she does when she wakes up. No more laying and relaxing on her back!

She has discovered the shelves on the entertainment center and loves to pull off her books. She has found herself in the glass doors of the cabinet and can open them and close them. She turns on her music herself in her crib. She can roll a ball to you and play.

The only thing she doesn't really do yet, is wave good-bye. BUT she will give you a hug and a kiss.

Aug 3, 2007

Creepy Crawler

Just shy of 10 months old Hadarya decided to crawl at 5 PM, August 2 , 2007.

She has been getting on her knees for a few months now and scooting backwards. She rolly polly's all over and has begun scooting on her bottom to places she wants to go. But she really likes to stand and hold on, so crawling was not a priority for our love.

Well yesterday she was playing with her toys while I was in the kitchen. I was looking over at her and she kind of was unnoticeable in the corner by the TV (her books are there in a beautiful rack with her name on it--Thanks Cousin Marsha!). It appeared that she put one hand out and then the other forward and then hopped her two legs in forward motion. So I got excited and she didn't do it again when I gave her more room. Later on we were in my room where I was blow drying my hair. She moved from sitting to belly and got up to go on her knees. I would swear that she moved one hand, one knee, one hand, and the other knee. OH MY GOSH... but then when she saw me looking, she stopped and smiled and laughed. C'est La Vie... it will happen.

So we (Auntie Kimber, Hadarya and I) were sitting on the ground in the family room playing. Hadarya was trying to pull up on her rainforest gym (not recalled!) and found herself in the doors of the video cabinet. She began waving at herself and then made a beeline for the photo album. AND SHE CRAWLED THERE! I grabbed my sister's arm after several motions by Hadarya and then moved her back to see it again. AND SHE PERFORMED! She went forward again. and again. and again. My creepy crawler was on the move!

We are very excited and very scared. Here we go with a mobile child. I hope we enjoyed these 10 months enough! She seems to want to move now for something rather than just moving to move. So, maybe we are safe for awhile?!