Jun 30, 2008

Family Photos

Here are our Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Family photos. Taken in May, June, and July.

What Happened to June???

Today is June 30th. The month is over. I did not blog ONCE in the entire month. Does that mean it didn't happen? Did June just disappear from my life? It was such an incredibly busy month that it happened in a blur. I actually did capture some amazing moments and times in our lives and our daughter's. I just didn't tell anyone until now. Enjoy catching up on June...July is going to be even better! I promise.

Our smart cookie has figured out there are things you do everyday to get yourself ready to leave the house. This includes shoes. Hadarya has become fascinated with my shoes. She loves to get my shoes for me out of the closet or off the back of my door. She picks out many at once, but always matching AND she can put them back in the right place if I let her know I already have what I need. Lately, it's been all about putting ON my shoes and walking around. She went into my room and got this pair out, put them on, and came out to see me in the family room! She also loves to take my clothes and put them on over her clothes. It doesn't matter what they are or how big they are, as long as she can put them on. We think she is so cute when she plays dress up. Who needs the fancy princess dresses and shoes??


Hadarya is obsessed with her dolls and stuffed animals. It is almost all she plays with. Never mind the adorable kitchen with real sounds we bought her in April. So passe'. Forget about the 300 pieces of food Grandma bought that she loved to dump out. The band in a bucket? Naw. Nothing compares to 3 baby dolls, 1 monkey, 4 bears, and tons of blankets. Everything gets pulled out of the toy chest on a regular basis and spread around the room in their spot with their blankie and patted on the back to go "nigh, nigh." She sings her song to them and sometimes she has actually said the "good night" part instead of the "nigh, nigh, baby." She does the same thing at daycare and does not really like to share with the other kids. The other day she monopolized the entire area for her babies. Her newest thing with them is changing their diaper. She gets the pad, the diaper, the wipes, and the powder. She then runs through the whole routine (with a little adult help) to secure the diaper. She is getting to be a big girl and almost ready for the potty!