Jan 4, 2010

Our WInter Vacation

I stole this idea from a great writer who always has something fun and funny to say. This year my winter vacation of 2 weeks included a husband on furlough for 2 weeks and a pre-schooler home for over 1/2 of that. VERY different type of vacation! Here are the highlights and what I learned:

1. Playdates at other people's houses are the best! My daughter cried when we had to leave to go home to go to bed.

2. The toys at other people's houses are way better than yours, even when they are the same.

3. Stairs are a great source of enjoyment for a one year old.

4. Watching the same 25 minutes of Mary Poppins 3 days in a row (jumping through the chalk drawings) means that your daughter wakes up singing "It's a jolly holiday with Mary" and never stops.

5. Cleaning out the garage feels great despite finding the signs of a guest living there.

6. I LOVE celebrating New Year's Eve on New York time. Homemade mac and cheese, roasted veggies, more kids than adults, and noisemakers at 9 PM make for a great evening. Asleep by 10 and not feeling like I missed out on anything.

7. Walking around in pajamas to see the Christmas lights by Grandma and Grandpa's house was more fun than riding in the car to see them.

8. Driving a hour to have smoked brisket was well worth it.

9. The carousel ride at the mall never gets boring, especially when your one year old loves it too.

10. Hanging around the house in pajamas until noon is even more fun when you have kids.

11. Being home with kids and hubby all the time means I don't get to read much anymore and that is heartbreaking.

12. My nanny is amazing. She is extraordinary at helping me keep my sanity because of all she does.

13. The park is a great place to play in December in 80 degree weather. Just remember your sunscreen!

14. Coffee tastes better when your husband makes it for you.

15. There is always time for a hug and a kiss and I never get tired of them from either child or husband. Especially the open mouth 1 year old kisses who leans forward with his whole body. DELICIOUS!