Jan 20, 2009

Historic Day

Today was a historic day for our country and my household! I watched, like so many others, with tears in my eyes as Barack Obama became the 44th president of our country. I listened to his speech with renewed hope and light that there might actually be something good to come in the next few years. It was a wonderful morning.

Today was the first day I picked up Hadarya with the baby. He was so good! He slept for a bit and then woke up as Hadarya's friends came to see the baby. They all wanted to admire him and look at him and touch him and did a great job listening to touching only his feet. Then I realized that I had volunteered to bring bananas for her class and needed to go to the grocery store. WITH TWO KIDS??? one being a toddler who loves to run away? Yikes... but I did it and they did great. Hadarya was a big helper and stayed nicely in the cart the whole time. It was actually a pleasant trip.

Today was the first day that Hadarya pooped in the potty. I think we are turning the corner on the potty training thing. No more crib is around the corner for my baby girl!

Today was the first day that I had both my kids by myself for about 45 minutes and it was great! My dad was coming over at 6:30 when Yiftach left to lead a shiva minyan. He didn't get here until 7:10 and no one threw a tantrum, cried, or hit. It was awesome! Yonatan sat in my lap and listened to a story I read to Hadarya. Then he laid on the playmat and fell asleep while Hadarya finished dinner. Then he stayed asleep in the swing while she put on pajamas, played with Grandpa, and then went to bed without a fuss.

It was a wonderful day. A historic day. One that I look forward to repeating again and again.

Jan 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Six years ago today I married my soulmate, my other half, my life partner and best friend. We were married by 2 Rabbi's and A Cantor in front of about 150 people. It was an amazing day preparing and an incredible evening (in 85 degree weather) of love, friends, and fun. Every year we watch parts of our DVD from that day and remember the special moments from our wedding.

This year we haven't made it to watching the DVD. A 27 month old and 5 1/2 week old keep us from doing much of what we used to do. So today, on our wedding anniversary, we planned a family day because we knew with a toddler, it was not about us anymore. The day could not have been better!

We spent our 6th wedding anniversary reveling in the musical talent of our daughter as we attended music class at 9:30 AM. Hadarya LOVES Miss Laura and going to the music classroom. She bounces to the beat, cleans up nicely, sings the songs out loud, and genuinely and thoroughly enjoys herself. It is worth every penny we have spent to see her get so much out of 45 minutes and then transfer all of that to singing to us later on.

We were then off to Sea World to break in out new fun card passes. With 80 degree weather today, we should have been in shorts as we played in the Bay of Play and watched our daughter ride Abby's tea cups and Elmo's fish ride. She LOVES rides. We are in trouble with amusement parks as she gets older. She also has little fear and after running, jumping, laughing, and playing in the Tide Pool child's play area, she climbed out and walked away.

Of course, one of us had an eye on her and jumped to follow her. She was just going to check out other things to do. BUT she was barefoot on rocky ground and WITHOUT A PARENT. She didn't care! She just went and knew we'd find her! YIKES... we better start working on that one.

We ended the day with a surprise visit from my parents bringing us KOSHER CHINESE FOOD for our dinner from LA. We are so excited to enjoy the treat. It will be awesome! And we also visited with some friends who moved several months ago to Orange County and came to meet our son and have our daughters play together. They had so much fun!

It was a great day and our daughter is fast asleep, as well as our son. It's time for us to join them.

Jan 16, 2009

One Month Old

Time seems to move so quickly yet so slow! Our son is 1 month old. Adorable. Alert. (when he's not sleeping!) Good natured. Bright eyed. He's filling out and gaining weight (probably about 10 lbs.) and sleeping good stretches.

Yet...he decided to stay awake after his 4:30ish AM feeding. Yiftach went back to bed so I had to get up. I've been up ever since. I've packed a lunch, done a load of laundry, showered and dressed, dressed a toddler, and addressed envelopes. It's not even 8:30 AM and I need a HUGE nap that I won't get because it's almost time for the baby to eat again.

I don't remember being this tired and my body being so worn out. I don't remember the active movement this little man does nor the following/tracking with his eyes. I do remember the baby smell and the sweetness. I remember the snuggles and the smiles.

At one month, he's a cute as can be and we starting to have some fun with him as I feel better and we begin doing things together as a family!