Feb 23, 2008

Shabbat Breakfast

There is nothing as good as homemade chocolate chip pancakes. They are our favorite and usually a Sunday morning treat with Grandma and Grandpa, fresh fruit, and tea. But we made an exception today. I don't think she cared a wink!

We've Got A Hairstyle!

Hadarya's hair has grown and grown and grown. While it would be totally adorable with bangs and cute bob look, we have decided to grow her hair and just see what happens. Once we do the bangs, we're done for sooo...we have tried the clips (which she usually pulls out) and headbands (pulled out totally!) and now we have this. We love it and it's totally cute! AND she leaves it in!

Feb 15, 2008

103 degrees HOT

My baby's got a fever. A HIGH one that came out of nowhere. She had a great day at daycare. Ate a lot...even more than usual and her teacher commented on the fact that she must be growing. Well, that may be true but a 103 fever after a great day is kind of scary! We tylenoled and put her to bed.

We ended up spending Shabbat hanging out at home, which was nice. We don't like to do household things on Shabbat and try to make the day different from the rest of the week. BUT we decided to make good use of our down time with a sick sleeping baby.

She hung onto a 100 fever until mid-afternoon. And then it just went away and she was her usual self. I think she was sending us a signal to slow down and be at home together. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and she shows no signs of being worse for the wear with the high fever...and definitely no teeth to show for it! Man, I wish those fangs would get here already!

Feb 14, 2008

Cute as a Bug

Hadarya is soooo cute I sometimes can't stand it. We traveled to LA on Monday for the bris of our new nephew on Tuesday. We were staying in a hotel and spend a lot of time in and out of the car. Baby doll was amazing and adorable and cuter than cute throughout it all.

She took an incredible nap all the way up to our lunch at the Hillel house at UCLA. It was wonderful to see Rabbi Chaim (who participated in our wedding 5 years ago) and we ran into a friend of Yiftach's from his days at UCLA. It turns out that I also knew this friend from a totally different link to UCLA before I ever met Yiftach. It was wild!! AND good to run into him. We look forward to getting reaquainted with him.

After checking into our hotel in the Marina we headed to meet our new nephew. The highlight of the evening was the pure joy Hadarya got from playing with her almost 4 year old cousin Jonah and eating up a storm at the table filled with 11 people. She delighted in the crowd, the food, and being with the family.

It was a rough sleeping night even though she fell asleep quickly. She woke up very upset at her cousins house and only calmed down back in the car on the ride to the hotel. But the metal crib, double beds, and floor maksehift bed only lasted so long. We were all tired at 7 AM.

After a scrumptious breakfast at Maxwell's which offers veggie sausage we headed to pick up the 6 lb challah and to the bris. While Hadarya missed her AM nap, she delighted in being dressed up and I am positive the photographer got some delicious photos of her twirling about and being cute.

We headed to the park in the late afternoon to catch up with some friends and then back to say good-bye to the family before heading home at her bedtime. She only had a slightly less than 2 hour nap after all the excitement and was beyond ready for bed at 7 PM. She slept soundly all the way home and until the next morning in her own crib.

She was fascinated with her new cousin and loved saying hi to him while he sat in his bouncer sit. Ziv Benjamin is a cutie too and I am sure Hadarya is going to love watching him get bigger!

Feb 8, 2008

She's Got Language

Without any doubts Hadarya understands a multitude of things and can say, sign, and babble a ton of words. She follow simple directions: Please take this to______.(Fill in any important person in her life's name).

She understands things in Hebrew and English as well as signs.

A month later update: March 10th

Here are the words she can say:

Baba (Saba and banana)
bubbles (not totally, but it means this for sure)

She signs: wash hands, more, please, thank you, book, milk.

VERY exciting business in our household!

She Shimmies

My daughter shimmies. Mind you, not just dancing. She actually shimmies her body to any tune she hears. It is the most adorable thing you have ever seen. The other day Auntie Kimber was over and they were sitting on the ground playing, when Hadarya actually shimmied her upper body to some tune Auntie sang. It was utterly adorable.

She has a leap frog fridge farm that she LOVES to hear Farmer John's tune while shaking her booty. She jiggles more than shimmies to that one. She also has a sports center that the basketball makes real music like the beginning of a game...dunh dunh dunh, etc. That illicits major wiggles as Ima and Aba shake their booty too, so she does a sports dance. She also got a fridge phonics that we just pulled out and she dances in circles to the ABC's. My daughter has a music bug and it shows!

BUT the best is the shimmying. She has the way that moves her upper body ever so slightly in the cutest fashion. Sing to her and she shimmies. Play recorded music (especially her Pooh radio) and she shimmies. Push the button on the farm or ABC to distract her and she shimmies.

It's the movement of the week. I wonder what she'll do when she hears the Barchu in shul tomorrow?!