Mar 20, 2007

Food. Glorious Food!

Tonight was the night. We gave in. We tried to hold out until 6 months was upon us. But alas we couldn't wait. SHE couldn't wait. It was time.

Hadarya had rice cereal at dinner time. She began to show interest in our food, eating utensils, cups, and began losing interest in her bottles about 10 days ago. BUT we wanted her to be 6 months old. We wanted to travel without the hassle. We wanted to avoid as many food allergies as possible. Plus our friends all said that rice cereal was blah and that their kids did not like it.

Well, my friends, our daughter LOVED it. I think she's going to like pretty much anything that can go in her mouth. She ate the entire serving and probably would have had more if we'd let her.

We made 1 tbls of rice cereal with 1 oz of formula. It was on the runny side so she could suck on the spoon like she does her bottle. It took about 6 sucking motions and she figured it out! She got how to eat off a spoon. It was so cool to watch her figure it out and see the connections made. She didn't even make much of a mess and the little that got on her face, she licked off with her tongue!

We are going to try it a little thicker tomorrow and give her only rice cereal through Saturday. Then we are going to start on the green veggies... mmm, that should make changing diapers fun!

Taking the Red-Eye

Two weeks ago tomorrow (can I actually use past tense with future tense and write it in the present tense???) Hadarya and I flew to Philadelphia on the red-eye. Yiftach was attending a two-day conference and we decided to join him for an extended weekend to visit with our dear friends (who introduced us and married us) we had not seen since they'd moved to Voorhees, New Jersey, 2 1/2 years ago.

I was pretty nervous taking such a long flight, with a change of planes, by myself and my daughter. Fortunately, for me, I had a first class ticket all the way there and my daughter is amazing, so I needn't have worried. She slept like a champ through security, into the bjorn, and into the first class seat. She settled in nicely on my chest and snoozed the entire way. She awoke in Atlanta and stayed up for the hour layover, but fell asleep as soon as we got back on the plane!

Our time was great in New Jersey. Hadarya stayed on California time, so she slept until 9:30 AM every day! She had so much fun playing with Rebecca, 11, and Josh, 5. They were so loving and kind and helpful. Josh loved feeding, changing her diaper, and putting on powder. They both rushed downstairs to see her first thing each morning and fought over who got to push her stroller!

We spent the day (the three of us) touring Independance Hall in Philly while they all worked and went to school. We had breakfast at Cereality (a cereal bar) which was so yummy and then walked around the historical monuments in 30 degree weather. Hadarya loved the cold air and being out and about. She took her nap just before we got to the Betsey Ross House, so we only saw the gift shop.

We tried to go to the mint, where the coins were misprinted, but cameras are not allowed inside at all...and we were told to take turns or not go at all. It was quite stupid, actually, that none of the brochures had mentioned this and didn't they think that tourists would always have a camera??? Since it was visible, we couldn't really say we didn't have one. We even offered to leave it at a desk and check it... but that is not an option. So we left in a huff and ended up seeing an amazing interactive exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank,

We spent Shabbat with Alyssa, Stephen, Rebecca, and Joshua. We had a lovely and yummy Shabbat dinner and stayed up late talking and reminiscing. Shabbat morning we went to see her new shul, meet some of their fabulous friends, and just take in an East Coast Synagogue. You don't have to work so hard at being Jewish on the East Coast. Their synagogue has 1100 families and 600 kids who attend Sunday School. It's unbelievable. They are getting ready to break ground for an amazing new building and we look forward to being at Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah to see it and celebrate.

Hadarya flew better than many adults and had a wonderful time wherever we went. Her only freak out moment, was on the way home on the crowded plane. She was fast asleep before we ever took off and another child, about 14 months old was screaming his head off two rows in front of us. He stopped and then started again at some point when it was ok to take off your seatbelt. I know this beacause Hadarya suddenly awoke screaming and would not calm down with a bottle or cuddling. I got up and climbed over two seats and moved towards the back of the plane, away from the screaming child and his mother, who remained seated in an aisle seat. As soon as I got far enough away that you could not hear the screaming, Hadarya calmed down. I felt so bad for her to awaken that way. We stayed standing in the aisle until the boy calmed down and fell asleep and Hadarya was back asleep too.

Our next stop: Yosemite. Next week.

Mar 14, 2007

Marveling at my Daughter

So for no apparent reason, today, March 14, 2007, I suddenly noticed things about my daughter that I had not noticed before. Things she can do, easily, readily, and excitedly.

I wonder, "When did she learn that?" "Have I been missing it for a long time?"

Here is what I noticed:

1. She pulls hair. Lots of it. (note to self: cut it off next week)
2. She had developed a keen interest in what we are eating (grabs for the plate), how we are eating, (watching us use utensils is a big eye opener) and no longer so thrilled with her liquid only diet!
3. She has discovered her toes, but isn't so sure exactly what they are all about.
4. She laughs deeply and often at the slightest hint of our funny voices or giggles.
5. She is almost sitting up on her own (10 second rule and then boom!)
6. She looks all over for us when we leave the room.
7. She wears a size 3 diaper.
8. She has at least six delicious rolls per thigh.
9. She holds my face with her hands if I get close to her face on the changing table.
10. She can definately see much clearer and that keeps her curiousity peaked when we are out and the napping to a minimum if she has too much to see and learn.

I marvel every day at her existence in my life and all the amazing things she does.

Mar 13, 2007

Gotta Brag

Tonight I took Hadarya to the monthly Board of Directors meeting for our synagogue. She normally falls asleep about 7 PM or just shortly after, but with the time change she feels it is her right to stay up until at least 8 PM. So she dozed in the car until we arrived and then happily hung out, listened to the conversation, had a bottle, and watched people.

We didn't leave until 9:01 PM at which time my happy, smiling baby (who distracted everyone with her cuteness during my report) promptly and silently fell asleep.

When we arrived home she needed a diaper change badly and she opened her eyes wide at the ability to stretch out and nicely lifted her legs for me to remove the extra 5 pounds on her tush. I laid her down in her crib and she rolled over onto her back and stared straight into my eyes while we sang the S'hma and V'Ahavta.

She rolled onto her favorite side, clutched her handmade taggie, and was fast asleep.

I know that this is not typical. I know that we are getting spoiled. I know that it could end. But while this sweetness and ease of bedtimes lasts... we are loving every last second.

I have to go stare at my beauty sleeping for a while!!!